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power transistor

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The sphere electronic contact exhibition, the surface pastes installs one of seals. In prints foundation plate’s back to manufacture the sphere salient point according to the exhibition way to serve as a substitute directs the integrated circuit foot, is printing foundation plate’s frontage to assemble the LSI chip, then or fills with the mold pressing resin seals the method to carry on the seal. Is also called salient point exhibition carrier (PAC).

The pin may surpass 200, is one kind which multi-pin LSI uses seals. The seal main body may also do (four side pin flat packaging) is smaller than QFP.power transistor
For example, the pin center distance is 1.5mm 360 pin BGA is only the 31mm square; But the pin center distance is 0.5mm 304 pin QFP is the 40mm square. Moreover BGA does not need to worry the QFP such pin distortion question. This seal is American Motorola Corporation develops, first in equipment and so on portable telephone is used, from now on will have the possibility in the US to popularize in the personal computer. At first, the BGA pin (salient point) the center distance is 1.5mm, the pin number is 225. Now also has some LSI factory to develop 500 pins BGA.

After the BGA question is the backflow welds the viewing test. Was still not now clear whether effective viewing test method. Some believed that because welds the center distance is big, the connection may regard as is stable, can only process through the functional check. American Motorola Corporation uses the mold pressing resin seal the seal to be called OMPAC, but fills seals the method seal the seal to be called GPAC (to see OMPAC and GPAC).

With the glass seal’s ceramic double row in-line type seal, uses in ECL RAM, DSP (digital signal processor) and so on electric circuits. Has glass window Cerdip to use in ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as the interior has the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 8 to 42. In Japan, this seal expression is DIP-G (G is glass seal meaning). 6th, Cerquad

The surface pastes installs one of seals, namely uses ceramic QFP which seals, uses in sealing DSP and so on logical LSI electric circuit.Bipolar transistor
Has window integrated circuit Cerquad to use in sealing the EPROM electric circuit. The radiation is better than plastic QFP, may allow under the natural air cooled condition 1. 5~ 2W power. But seal cost compared to plastic QFP high 3~5 times. The pin center distance has 1.27mm, 0.8mm, 0.65mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm and so on many kinds of specifications. Pin number from 32 to 368.

Brings the pin ceramics chip carrier, the surface to paste installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal four sides, assumes the T-shape. Has the window to use in seal ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as to have the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. This seal is also called QFJ, QFJ-G (to see QFJ).

Double row in-line type seal. Inserts installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal both sides, the seal material has the plastic and the ceramic two kinds. DIP is most popular inserts installs the seal, the application scope including standard logical IC, memory LSI, the microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 6 to 64.

The seal width usually is 15.2mm. Some are 7.52mm and the 10.16mm seal is called separately the width skinny DIP and slim DIP (narrow build DIP). But in the most situations does not differentiate, simply the general designation is only DIP. Moreover, is also called cerdip with low melting point glass seal’s ceramic DIP (to see cerdip). 13th, DSO   (dual small out-lint)

Two-sided pin small contour seal. The SOP alternate name (sees SOP). The partial semiconductor factory uses this name. 14th, DICP   (dual tape carrier package)   The two-sided pin belt carries the seal. TCP (belt carries seal) one. The pin manufacture draws out on the insulating tape and from the seal both sides. What because uses is integrated circuit TAB (automatic belt carries welding) the technology,hotel interior design the seal contour is thin.

Actuates LSI commonly used in the liquid crystal display, but to decide the product most. Moreover, 0.5mm the thick memory LSI book shape seal is being at the phase of exploitation. In Japan, according to EIAJ (Japanese electron mechanical industry) the standing operating procedure, the DICP naming will be DTP.

other rectifications-

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Manages in electric circuit’s application is extremely essential, regardless of being makes the leveling circuit or clamping action other functions, can use it.   The diode may divide into light emitter diode (LED), the rectification diode, the zener diode, switch diode and so on, here only introduced front said several kinds.

The light emitter diode, uses generally as the indicating lamp, as soon as for example computer’s hard disk lamp dodges expressed that your hard disk is working (, if does not dodge, then very possible is your machine unbearably busy or is occupies readiness for action), but also has is on some personal stereo indicating lamp, as well as battery charger’s indicating lamp.Diode’s principal
The light emitter diode relative other diode forward break-over voltage is big, generally in 1.6V to 1.8V. Two other diodes generally in 0.2-0.3V (germanium tube), 0.6-0.8V (silicon tube).

Rectification diode, is also very common, what uses is diode’s unidirectional breakover characteristic, thus may filter out the diode pipe manifold dressing discharge road map negative polarity electrical signal—Half-wave rectification, may also carry on other rectifications—-For example full-wave rectification.

The diode also has the constant voltage function, this is because time diode reverse connection, in the diode is penetrated in the situation, its electric current instantaneous will increase, like this when the external voltage increases, because after the diode is penetrated, increases the electric current through the diode, but will not pass through and in the diode parallel load, thus may protect and its parallel component. Common has the protection field effect tube, namely the effect tube plate on the scene is extremely reverse connects in parallel fashion a diode. Diode breakdown voltage generally in 4V-7V.

Clamping action: The clamping action is uses diode’s forward break-over voltage after the breakover maintains at 0.2-0.4V (germanium tube),The electronic primary
0.6-0.8V (silicon tube), thus causes with its connection component both sides voltage to maintain in a scope, the simple is triode’s BE ties the voltage when the breakover may maintain at the clamp voltage, this commonly used in triode’s vertical analysis. Generally not special explanation silicon tube takes 0.7V, the germanium tube takes 0.3V.   The switch diode common model has 1N4148,1N4150,1N4448, what uses is diode’s high speed transformation characteristic.

Other diodes also have the Short base diode, the tunnel diode, bidirectional embarks the diode, the micro power loss voltage reference diode and so on, different has the different function as a result of its production process.

Summary   Crystal diode general as available as 100,000 hours above. But if uses unreasonable, he cannot play the role fully, even is damaged very quickly. Must use the diode reasonably, must grasp his main parameter, because the parameter responds the quality and characteristic.

Highest operating frequency fM (MC)—-The diode can withstand upper frequency. Becomes friends with the discharge frequency through PN to be higher than this value, the diode pipe joint cannot the normal work.

Highest reverse working voltage VRM (V)—-When diode long-term normal work, permits highest back pressure. If crosses this value,hotel interior design PN ties has the possibility which penetrates, regarding the alternating current, the highest reverse working voltage is also diode’s highest working voltage.

Biggest commutated current IOM (mA)—-The diode can time long-term normal work most Taisho to the electric current. Because electric current through diode time must give off heat, if the forward current crosses this value, the diode will have the burned-out danger. Therefore with diode rectification time, winds through diode’s forward current (already to output cocurrent) not to allow to surpass the biggest commutated current.

Plane design element   

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Plane design element

1. the concept element, the so-called concept element is these exists not actually, but people’s consciousness can feel not obviously thing. For example we saw above acute angle’s graph, feels a little, in the object outline has the edge line. The concept element includes: Spot,display monitors
line, surface.

2. visual element: The concept element does not perform in the actual design to manifest, it will not have the significance. The concept element usually is manifests through the visual element, visual element including graph size, shape, color and so on.

3. relational element: How does the visual element organize, the arrangement in the picture, is decides depending on the relational element. Including: Direction, position, space, center of gravity and so on.

4. practical element: Refers to meaning which, content, design goal and function the design expresses.   Below we introduce the plane design specifically the constitution way.

Element utilization Spot, line, surface constitution

The image is the object exterior characteristic, is obvious. The image including visual element’s various part, all concept element like spot, the line, the surface when sees in the picture, also has the respective image.

In plane design primitive form: In plane design, a group same or similar image composition, its each composition unit becomes the primitive form, the primitive form is a smallest unit, uses it to act according to certain constitution principle arrangement, the combination, then to be possible to obtain the best constitution effect.

1. group of shape: In the constitution, as a result of the basic combination, has had between the shape and the shape combination relations, interactive function
this kind of relations mainly have:

2. separation: Between the shape and the shape does not contact, has certain distance.

3. contact: Between shape and shape edge just right contacting.

4. overlapping: Between the shape and the shape is the overlapping relations, from this has the high and low all around spatial relations.

5 pass folds: Between shape and shape transparent mutual overlap, but does not have the high and low around spatial relations.

6. union: Between the shape and the shape unifies into the big new shape.

7. reduces actually: Between the shape and the shape covers mutually, the cover place is trimmed off.

8. the difference folds: Between the shape and the shape overlaps mutually, the overlap place has the new shape.

9. superposition: Between the shape and the shape superposes mutually, becomes a body.

Gradation   The gradation is one effect which I heard frequently, can experience by oneself in the nature, we will feel the trees on the travel path from near to far, gradation from large to small.

Gradation type:

1. shape gradation: A primitive form changes gradually to another primitive form, the primitive form may from the complete gradation incomplete, may also from arrive simply complex, from changes gradually abstractly the embodiment.

2. direction gradation: The primitive form may do in the plane has the direction gradation.

3. position gradation:hotel interior design The primitive form does the position changes gradually when needs the skeleton, because primitive form when does the position changes gradually, surpasses skeleton’s part to cut away.

4. size gradation: The primitive form gradation arrangement from large to small, will have far and near the depth and the sense of space.

5. color gradation: In the color, the appearance, the brilliance, the purity may leave the gradation effect, and will have the stratified feeling esthetic sense.

6. skeleton gradation: Refers to the skeleton orderly change, causes the primitive form in the shape, the size, the direction to carry on the change. The division skeleton’s line may make horizontal, vertical, the oblique line, the broken line, the curve and so on total skeleton gradation.

The gradation skeleton arranges carefully, will produce the special visual results, sometimes also will produce the optical illusion and transports the person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project.

cash status

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Developer money bag some tight nearly all participants indicated that in the past 3 months, obtained the bank credit to use in the real estate construction the difficulty increasing. the developer was already seeking other financing to originate, like trust product and so on.

According to the Chinese Trust Association reported that in 2010 and the real estate related trust product’s release total amount is 286,000,000,000 Yuan, is equal in the bank to the developer addition loan 14.2%. According to uses the profit trust work room (Use Trust) to estimate that up to May, 2011, the trust total output which distributes climbed to 326,000,000,000 Yuan.

in the participant, some 17 said that they knew other developers once loaned from the Trust investment company, 14 have heard the similar case. The developer is facing the higher financing cost presently. According to the developer introduced that the bank to the property development loan’s average rate of interest is 8.8%, but the Trust company and other financing organization’s interest rate in 10% to 30%, is 17.5% equally, is bank rate one time.

about the developer cash status,application plan
in 30 developers, some 22 felt that anxious or worried. Has two participants to indicate that generally speaking the developer cash is sufficient, fund good shape. However present, these worried that already received the containment. Only then 20% participants believed that if the sale cannot return to warmer weather, developer in the future 3 months faced with significant difficulty.

Lives constructs: The real estate market limits purchases makes in the year not to cancel the Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Foshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen Zhujiang Delta six two city in August in meaning new goods quantity, Dongguan, Huizhou two city in August the meaning quantity link compared to separately rises 22% and 25%, Zhongshan in August newly calculates with July is impartial, Foshan, Zhuhai and the Jiangmen meaning number link compared to falls 25% separately, 12.5% and 14.2%, but analyzes thought that this possible and the partial place national territory housing administration bureau postponed to give a written reply to a subordinate to sell in advance the card speed to concern.

newspaper news (by Lai Weixing) Guangdong which city after Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan becomes appears to limit purchases the command fourth city to receive the attention.

Just past weekend,hotel interior design
some media said that the house price rise scope will not be situated the front row in Zhujiang Delta Jiangmen to implement comprehensively starting from today limits purchases the measure, will become the nation 23 cities which limited purchases from the last month State Council conference first official announcement.

reporter yesterday the authoritative information which obtained from the Jiangmen Housing administration bureau demonstrated that the other day the local municipal government convened about carries out the real estate regulation policy the conference to believe that Jiangmen in the first half of the year newly built home price overall, although assumed the upward trend, but still in might the control area. Jiangmen will adopt ‘ controls the price ‘, ‘to control sells’, ‘the controlled purchase ‘ and so on regulative measures, the containment house price excessively quickly rise, ‘the conference does not have the research to appear to limit purchases the measure’.

This means that Guangdong limited purchases ‘ the fourth city ‘ still not to draw a charge. has the statistics to demonstrate that last month the Zhujiang Delta part has not limited purchases the urban developer to start to enlarge pushes the goods dynamics,The ultrasonic sensor
strives for before ‘ limits purchases ‘ snatches the floodgate to produce goods, reduces the goods in stock backlog risk.

Jiangmen only limits purchases to the foreign buyer the Jiangmen Housing administration bureau to indicate that actually Jiangmen is only in the request fulfiled exactly constructs and outside the country administrative bureau last year on the releasing standard foreign organization and the individual buying homes related document.

Starting today, Jiangmen will carry on to the foreign buyer limits purchases, to has the house foreign public figure, the house transaction center after verifying the situation will not give the registration to set up a file. the Jiangmen floor rate is always lower than Zhujiang Delta other chief cities, the central city floor rate is only Guangzhou 1/4. ‘the even price in 6500 Yuan/square meter high and low, has one month to achieve 7 prefixes in the first half of the year. ‘a Jiangmen estate person in charge expressed.

American middle class

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Chinese pearl quality is better, but the price was still low the US the New York Times on August 1 the article, original topic: The Chinese pearl is better, but the low price recently, Zhan Wei healthy (sound) was since still doing a not too possible matter: The cultivation quality is best, and lets the pearl which the American middle class can bear.

He has a scale not small pearl company in the Chinese Zhejiang Province Zhuji, the production fresh water pearl exports the overseas. in the recent 20 years,woman’s bound feet
China becomes in gradually the world the biggest pearl producer country, has seized the world inexpensive pearl and the small pearl accessories market. “the Chinese pearl the pressure of competition which brings to us is very big, this without a doubt”, Robert ten thousand said.

His company is controlling the majority of local black pearl production in Tahiti, and participates in the formulation world pearl quality specification. “China produces the pearl price flexibility is very big, if will increase suddenly in the future 1-2 year supply,unorthodox categories
the world pearl price will come under the enormous influence”.

the China near two year economic development tendency is swift and violent, has the enormous influence to world each profession. And, the pearl fish breeding and poultry raising’s development is a miniature which this country economy soars. Was relying on the initial period cheap labor superiority and the imitation other country product, the Chinese pearl industry has earned the first barrel gold in the international market.

After ten several years development, the Chinese pearl manufacturing industry the automated technology will have applied the breeding farm now,shoes design
trains the high quality the cultivation worker, the worker wages unceasingly is also increasing, the entire pearl industry is prosperous. “the American worried China produces inexpensive commodity, what actually they should worry is the Chinese life delivers a better commodity”, American Advantage Abundant company chairman happy Yumin said.

the China pearl has been well-known by the low in price, a diameter the approximately half inch Chinese pearl’s selling price is 4 to 8 US dollars, but a similar size’s Tahiti black pearl selling price is 25 to 35 US dollars. Manhattan biggest China pearl importer Joel Schechter recently entered the office the national treasury, has chosen in the collection the best two pearl necklace.interior design Does not have the flaw, each pearl is pure white the perfect circular Tahiti necklace takes 14,000 dollars, but side a string similarly impeccable Chinese necklace, so long as 1800 US dollars. Schechter said that the Chinese pearl enters this market, lets the world be more general revenue the female to wear.

Zhan Wei the healthy company and the Zhejiang University cooperation develops the new pearl culture technology, in order to produce more high quality pearls with the low cost, he also uses the automated cultivation technology to save the manpower expenditure. In recent years, in Zhejiang and China other coastal area, the worker wages doubled, simultaneously is familiar with the pearl classification technology the worker is reducing unceasingly, “they have worked to 37 years old, until vision not line.”

gold accessories

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Chengdu 18K golden buy-back even price 200 Yuan yesterday, Beijing media reported said that a Beijing market promoted the K gold accessories buy-back service, the 18K gold returns to the purchase price is 205 Yuan/grams for the first time.

regarding this, day government office morning paper reporter has visited the Chengdu Partial Goldsmith shops. “The K gold may also the buy-back?”the gentleness
A Sichuan compassion goldsmith shop is choosing Ms.

18K golden accessories’ Wang to be surprised. According to the counter seller introduced that 18K Jin Bing does not look like thousand pure golds by the gram imputed price, but by price-marks sells, “the 18K buy back price is defers to our shop Riggin accessories buy back price 75% to calculate.”

This sales personnels introduced. It is reported that yesterday the Sichuan compassion goldsmith shop’s thousand pure gold price was 398 Yuan/grams, returned to the purchase price is 284 Yuan/grams, according to sales personnels’ view, the 18K gold’s buy back price should be 213 Yuan/grams.

in Chengdu, besides the Sichuan compassion goldsmith shop, goldsmith shops and so on Yongtai jewelry, six lucky jewelry may also recycle the K gold accessories. the K gold store of value revaluation function is weak

“the K gold’s design, the processing and thousand pure golds compare want complex many, sales time is comes alone the imputed price by each accessories, not according to gram number computation, if changes into a gram number, the K gold’s selling price must be higher than thousand pure golds.”Yongtai jewelry service gold accessories’ skilled worker introduced that technically spoke K precious as gold to resources are well used, but said from the buy-back, because the 18K gold was becomes by 1075% pure golds with 25% other metal working.

After the buy-back K gold is mainly remelts the accessories, withdraws thousand pure gold ingredients, therefore K the gold returns to the purchase price to be lower than thousand pure golds to return to the purchase price. “in brief, the K gold’s store of value,woman’s rigid
the revaluation function must be lower than thousand pure golds.”

Stockholm news: Sweden Capital the Stockholm Police recently warned public, do not wear the gold ornament as far as possible to go out, guards against mishap. reported according to Sweden media, since mid-June, the Stockholm frequency has sent the gold ornament robbery, only west this city the area has 16 person of gold ornaments to be robbed, the victim many to go on a journey alone the woman who got old.

The police believed that this kind of case frequency sends the primary cause is recently the gold price unceasingly rises. The police have requested to purchase gold ornament’s store attention gold ornament to originate. the national capital promotes the K gold accessories buy-back service for the first time.

Reporter learned yesterday from the solar goldsmith shop, in the current gold sells the field to promote the gold, outside the silver investment realization service, this market takes the lead to promote the K gold accessories recycling service.

it is known that what at present in the market condition the precious metal buy-back service mainly aims at is the gold, the silver product,green motion adds on certain handling charge according to the exchange price to carry on the transaction, but the consumer to possibly no longer likes some section of K the golden accessories are unable to process. “we promote the K gold buy-back service are for the convenient consumer realization”, solar goldsmith shop deputy general manager Jiao Guangyi indicated that because the international gold price rise, the K gold rise in price is also inevitably. At present, solar goldsmith shop 18K gold buy-back each gram 205 Yuan, but this price will also adjust along with the international gold price change.

understood according to reporter that the 18K gold is becomes by 75% thousand pure golds with 25% other metal working, the K gold design, the craft relatively are more complex, its selling price is not low, “in the market is generally sells according to, if converts into according to gram computation, each gram price even is higher than thousand pure golds the prices”, Jiao Guangyi indicated that the recovery price decides as 205 Yuan/grams, is also because after the company remelts it, can only withdraw thousand pure gold ingredients, but added values and so on craft no longer contained.

sea pearls

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The pearl mainly produced originally in Guangxi (already changed to Guangdong Province Zhanjiang) Hepu (sea water pearl,), under Zhejiang Zhuji mountain lake (fresh water pearl), Jiangsu Wei pond, Hunan Dongting Lake, Jiangxi Poyang Lake Wannian County, Heilongjiang Kingan, Anhui Xuancheng, Naling, when spread, places such as Taiwan, sold the land.

The Guangdong Zhanjiang Leizhou is south bead’s main habitat, the gathering pearl history is glorious. The Leizhou wind-drift sand village enjoys “the Chinese sea water pearl first village” the fine reputation, the Leizhou wind-drift sand has authenticated through the National Quality testing Bureau for the south bead source area <a href=””>pet transportation</a>.

South the bead was Chinese sea water pearl empress, Zhanjiang has become the south bead center which our country was worthy of the reputation.sea pearls
Because our country pearl export by the original bead primarily, the price relatively was still inexpensive, the pearl total sales only occupy the world trade about 10%.

The Zhanjiang marine culture pearl had more than 30 years history, since the 90s, the Zhanjiang sea water earl oyster seedling annual output has occupied national above 90%, last year the whole city pearl culture area 53,800 Chinese acres, the pearl output 21.8 tons, the Zhanjiang sea water pearl output accounts for the national output 70%, the sea water pearl process load accounts for national 90%, Zhanjiang has developed into south our country the bead production, the processing, the sales center.

Zhanjiang is the national sea water pearl culture, the processing, the export Important base. The pearl transaction central market shifted from North Sea to Zhanjiang.

In the village of Chandanpet just outside Hyderabad, almost the entire population is engaged in the delicate art of drilling pearls.whitening’s protecting
A skill they have practiced for generations, making Hyderabad one of the largest drilling centres in India pidiaoshencai.

Once the pearls are drilled, they are boiled for about four days to bleach them and rid them of their dark color. They are placed in glass bottles containing hydrogen peroxide, water and ether and sunned for four or five days in glass sun boxes with a mirror base. Finally they are washed and separated through series of different shapes and sizes個人房產墊資貸款擔保 | 房貸物業按揭保險 | 按揭利率放寬 激發置業者購樓意欲 | 如何選擇物業貸款公司 | 選擇按揭貸款的時候如何選擇銀行.

Pearls are also graded according to color. While pink pearls and black pearls are also considered to be of good quality, white pearls have traditionally been most popular. A good quality white pearl reflects a lovely sky blue color under ultraviolet light while a poor quality one has a green or mustard-colored sheen. Black pearls that have a green sheen and baroque (irregular shaped) pearls that reflect a rainbow of colors are also amongst the more valuable varieties. While black and pink pearls are also rare and beautiful, most traditional Hyderabad jewellery is made with white pearls

Recently,pearl jewelry
several pearl makers are exporting processed pearls to markets in Europe and the US. With the capital that they gain from this marketing, they are able to purchase machinery for advanced refinement. Particular, some equipment that uses enzymes present in thermophiles is able to substantially improve the process of refining pearls.

qualifications examinations

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The Austria Kang shoe industry gets rid once more, made great strides forward the tendency to the internationalization to be already irresistible.

Following last year purchased the Italian first brand ten thousand advantage power and virtue China area brand property rights after Shanghai, the Austria Kang Company once more aims at 3000-5000 Yuan produce markets, and succeeded obtains mainland China promotion power of attorney which GB (GIANFRANCOBUTTERI) the company awarded. walks is solution international trade conflict’s only way out the Italy is the world design and the fashion fountainhead, she has created the world brand-new life style and the fashionable concept.

The GB brand comes from the Italian shoe manufacture industry the heart – - Maerkai district, it unifies the creativity, artisan’s skill,qualifications examinations
art in a body, the lofty Italian style, apex’s quality and the material, the constant hand-planted, the leather careful choice, detail attention, soft, artistic, facile, the absolute comfort is this a series of keys. “first time contacts this brand, I experienced his original taste and flavor Italian type unrest, the very suitable domestic some advocations free to have the personal status expense community.”

According to Austria Kang shoe industry Chairman Wang Zhentao introduced that he is when the counter-dumping tax soon cancels, followed the Chinese Leather Association leaders to go to Italy inspected when has known this brand, the love at first sight, afterward both sides contacted frequently, discussed that the cooperation the direction and the detail, little while ago Austria Kang Cai finally signed this brand in the mainland own promoted power of attorney.

“the mainland shoe industry market we are familiar, in addition for several year we have been accumulating the operation international brand positively the experience, I believed that at this time GB collaborates Austria Kang to enter China,

on meantime.”Wang Zhentao favors to GB in China’s prospects for development, he thought that although the European Union leather shoes counter-dumping tax already cancelled, but the Chinese shoe industry export crisis still exists, only then walks positively, with international brand cooperation, even purchases the international brand, is the Chinese shoes business solution international trade conflict’s only way out.

Meanwhile with the international brand’s cooperation, may let the Chinese shoes business study the advanced fabrication technology as well as the internationalization operation mentality, will complete the schoolwork for the future comprehensive internationalization, will build the foundation.

present, the GB marketing network proliferates countries and so on Europe and America, South Africa and Arab, especially has obtained the roaring success in Russia, has 5 spacious product demonstration space in the nation, regarding with the Chinese shoes business cooperation,the bow series
Two transformations
enters the Chinese market, GB Chairman wonderful peaceful Franko · cloth Germany manages gentleman also to express the anticipation.

After the Austria Kang shoe industry brand echelon already formed obtains the GB mainland promotion power of attorney, Austria Kang already had including locates 1500 Yuan following Austria Kang, the beautiful beautiful woman, brands and so on Kang Long, red flamingo, 1500-3000 Yuan Wan Li power and virtue brand and 3000-5000 Yuan GB brands. is obvious, GB joined, had supplemented the Austria Kang’s product line, lets it be more complete, can cover the different consumer demand the shoe industry market.

According to the Austria Kang marketing service related personnel introduced that this kind of echelon constructs is just like the brand vehicle minute series, they have 3 are, 5 are and 7 departments, the Austria Kang’s shoe also divide the different files position, for different power of consumption crowd choice. But high-end brand joined, regardless of from the design, the image or the terminal, can lead other brands the development.

It is known that while maintained a product Austria Kang brand sales volume, Austria Kang Huan collaborates the national 50 chain-like shoes cities to develop 23 cities with emphasis, enlarged serves under somebody’s banner Kang Long, the red flamingo brand promoted dynamics, these two brand development was very swift and violent, only past a half year sales volume’s growth achieved 50%.

At the same time,hotel interior design to operate serves under somebody’s banner ten thousand advantage power and virtues and the beautiful beautiful woman brand, Austria Kang establishes a team to be responsible for these two brands specially, constituted from the personnel to the operation mentality and Austria Kang other brands is completely different, internationalize, the channel was more centralized in the high-end and so on and big business carry on the war