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evil color mixing

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Related knowledge

Evaluation of jade” to”,” water”,” green is good ” and other terms. “” refers to the other emerald color of, Yu Shaocui for the top grade;” good water” refers to the delicate texture of jade lubrication, transparent clear, glittering and dignified, Bi-liang gratifying, also known as the emerald ring for ” smart”, and said that “the water”;” green well” and” when concentrated, Yang。

and” four words,”Pearl Jewelry
concentrated” refers to the strong and light, like the holly,” Yang” refers to the bright,” it” refers to the untainted, evil color mixing,” and” refers to the green uniform without depth of the points, otherwise known as “light, shade, evil, flower”.

Jade to children


Completely transparent, shiny glass. Jade and gem different transparency. Good glass bracelet looks as clear as crystal, no impurities.


Ice after the glass for transparent as ice, is lit in a layer of mist, like water, freeze freezing.


Transparent as water, vitreous luster. Glass and similar, there is a small amount of impurities.

Green ground

Texture like green eggs, vitreous luster. Translucent, but relatively pure, free of impurities.

The nose to

Texture as snot, vitreous luster. Translucent, but relatively pure, little impurity.

Green water

Transparent, but extensive green with green water species, due to color interference, as water varieties.

Ash water

Texture translucent, but universal grey. Because of gray, green water and poor quality than.

Purple water

Texture translucent, but the color purple. Different from violet is stressed transparent, is actually a translucent violet.

Muddy ground

Texture translucent, like muddy water. Poor transparency of water.

White ground

Translucent, delicate white. If good gloss, but also good jade raw materials.

The white sand

Translucent, sand, white. Not delicate white ground.

Sand floor

Translucent, with sand, gray. Not delicate gray white sand.

Green ground

Translucent, green beans manufacturers
Is actually a pea green to translucent varieties.

On land

Translucent, with uneven alfalfa. As uneven color violet.

Blue ground

Translucent to opaque, with green flower. Uneven quality, suitable only for jade.

White ground

Translucent to opaque, high roughness also flower


Translucent to opaque, white.

Dry white ground

Opaque, white.

Brown white ground

Opaque, rough, white.

Coarse ash

Opaque, rough, grey.


Brown, dark brown.


Jade products processing is divided into light products and carved products two major categories.

Light products higher requirements for raw materials, no cracks, because a crack is easy to see. There was a crack in the jade, mostly used to do the flower parts, through carving techniques can cover crack.

Therefore,attraction landscape product in the evaluation of light products and flower pieces, in the same quality, light products to your flower pieces carving, of course there are particularly exquisite carved jade exception.

remote control

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Who invented the first remote controller has not test, but the earliest one of the remote controller, is called a Nicola Tesla ( Nikola Tesla ) ( 1856-1943 ) inventor ( he used to work for Edison, also known as a genius inventor) in 1898 developed ( USA Patent No. 613809) called” Method of and Apparatus, for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles”.

The earliest used to control the television remote controller is an American called Zenith electrical company ( the company is now LG acquired ),dvb t tuners
in 1950 time development. Started as a cable. In 1955, the company developed a method called ” Flashmatic” wireless remote control device. But this device could not tell whether the beam from the remote control, but also the necessary alignment can control.

1956 rob. Adler ( Robert Adler ) developed called” Zenith Space Command” remote control, this is also the first modern wireless remote control device, he is using ultrasound to adjust channel and volume, each key produces frequency is not the same, but this device may also be a general ultrasonic interference, but also some people and animals ( such as dogs ) hear the voice remote control.

In 1980, sending and receiving infrared semiconductor device developed, gradually replaced the ultrasonic control device. Even though the other wireless transmission means (such as Bluetooth ) continue to be developed, this technology still continued widespread use.

Working principle

A : infrared remote control principle

Many electrical appliances are the use of infrared remote control infrared remote control, then what is the working principle? First of all we have to have a look what is infrared ray.

The human eye can see visible light according to wavelength from long to short order, followed by red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple.dvb t receivers
The red light wavelength in the range of 0.62 ~ 0.76 m; purple light wavelength in the range of 0.38 ~ 0.46 M. Violet wavelength shorter than light ultraviolet, than red light with a wavelength of long light called infrared.

Infrared remote control is the use of a wavelength of 0.76 1.5 ~ m between near infrared light to transmit a control signal.

Common infrared remote control system in general is divided two parts: sender and receiver.

The transmitter portion of main components for the infrared light emitting diode. It is actually a special light emitting diode, due to its internal material differs from the ordinary light-emitting diode, which at its ends to exert a certain voltage, it emits infrared rather than visible light.

The current extensive use infrared light-emitting diodes to emit an infrared wavelength is about 940nm, the same general shape and light emitting diode,cable supplier but different colours.

Infrared light emitting diode are generally black, dark blue, transparent three colors.

Judge infrared emitting diode quality approach and judging normal diode: using a multimeter to measure resistance block the infrared light emitting diodes, reverse resistance can be positive.

Infrared light emitting diode luminous efficiency should use special instruments can be accurately determined, and amateur conditions can only pull distance method to judge roughly. The receiving part of the infrared receiving tube is a photosensitive diode.

In practical application to the infrared receiving diode reverse bias, for it to work properly, or infrared receiving diode on the circuit in the application of reverse use, so as to obtain high sensitivity.

omprehensive revision

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Puzzle” Happy Dictionary” is CCTV full dedication of famous brand, is CCTV economy channel 2000 comprehensive revision for the response to the Party Central Committee” revitalizing the nation through science and education ” call, combined with the channel characteristics, launched in July 7th by the new educational programs. Public educational programs; provide extensive participation in space and mechanism; build stimulating wisdom arena.
A collect interest, educational, knowledge, tense, thrilling, humor in a quiz show. An introduction of foreign advanced television form, by means of support, voice of high-tech network game show, a live atmosphere unprecedented intense, exciting, fascinating new large entertainment, a from participation to viewing all the ordinary people, the number of entries unlimited selection mechanism of athletes, more scientific, fair, the finalists level higher civilian program. Over time CCTV-3 Tuesday the 20 : 36, Wang Xiaoya served as examiner.Sports class
” Sports news”,” sports news”,” sports news”,” sports world” is such CCTV-5 is a daily sports reports, on the current world sport and the domestic sports report. In addition to meet the needs of customers also have” world soccer” ( weekly 19: 30),” basketball park”,” car” and other multiple times, the columns of different styles. Along with the digital television set and popularization, CCTV launched digital TV sets or football, golf and other sports class of digital television.In addition, in the special period such as Olympic Games, world cup, CCTV will also launch targeted broadcast and reports.
The new buildingThe original CCTV building is located in Beijing near the Haidian District Military Museum, this building was one of ten buildings in Beijing. At present CCTV in eastern Beijing CBD built a new building. But because the building cost large (about 5000000000 yuan ), shapes too strange, safety and danger to traffic and controversial.
On the building process of land expropriation, due to local residents to the provisions of the compensation is not satisfactory, in the residents upstairs protest banners hung out a lot. Also there are rumors in the process of removing the demolition company
CCTV new site” Tianhong burwill” have serious violence.Although controversial, but the middle of July, CCTV has been in the news broadcast before period, with the new CCTV building effect animation of Olympic Games, known as the” 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese mainland exclusive broadcasting organizations”.
This project will be the first step of B section at the end of this year before the completion of delivery, early next year, this also will serve as the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Center and future CCTV broadcast center. Section A will be completed by the end of next year, delivered in 2009, this section is the television cultural center, management center.

the Limited company

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Shao Yifu (on October 4th, 1907 -), old name Shao Ren, Hong Kong visual broadcast Limited company president, renowned movie maker, philanthropist. in 1957, he organized Brother Shao in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) the Limited company, supported oneself the development motion picture industry. in 1965 and the advantage filial piety and the joint venture investment organized TVB, Shao Yifu in the China not any business service, but donated the large amount charitable fund for a long time to the China.

For many years he for the China and Hong Kong’s education, the medical service has donated surpasses the number by 1,000,000,000 HK dollars funds. in 2003 he established Shao Yifu to reward, every year selected in the world in mathematics, the life sciences and the medicine and the astronomy three aspects has the achievement scientist outstandingly, awarded 1,000,000 US dollars bonuses respectively, these domains were the Nobel prize have not contained include.

Character brief introduction

Born as Shao Ren Run Run Shaw [ 1907.10.14 ] log. Male, Zhejiang Ningbo person, born in Zhenhai, after moving to Hongkong. The Han nationality, Hongkong Television Broadcasts Limited company chairman, Shaw Brothers film company is one of the founders of Hongkong, the famous film maker. In May 12, 2008 8 Wenchuan great earthquake of Sichuan after natural disasters to loosen one’s purse strings generously donated HK $one hundred million, a single individual contributions to the most people.

Run Run Shaw is the father of Shanghai Jin Taichang paint company boss. He was the sixth of the sisters and brothers, later called the ” Shaw Brothers left Shao Cunren Shao Renmei Run Run Shaw six tert”. Shao was educated in the United States, 19 high school graduation was with brother Shao Renmei to Singapore to develop film market, from then on the film to generate interest.dvb t tuners
He and his brother at 1920 time active in the Chinese movie industry. In 1925, Shaw Brothers in Shanghai to set up a ” Tianyi film company”, was a collaboration of Xue Juexian and Chinese opera, film full Chinese first sound film” white dragon” ( Cantonese ).

In 1928, Run Run Shaw went to star horse to assist his brother development of film distribution company.

In 1957, Shao Renmei established” Shaw Brothers ( Hongkong) Limited company”, in Hongkong, the making of the film, Run Run Shaw president. In 1961, is located in Kowloon Clear Water Bay Shaw Studios in December 6th officially opened. In 1970, Shaw Brothers go was the rapid development of the television industry, and radio TV cooperation, training of artists. In 1980, Run Run Shaw became a radio TV ‘s biggest shareholder, chairman of the board of directors has become.

During the same period, Shaw movies continued to shrink, reducing film, in 1985 sold all of cinema, to 1987 May, Shaw announced to stop producing the film. By Shaw put into production to suspend production period calculation, Shaw has produced more than one thousand films. 2000, Malaysia ” day to reflect the entertainment” spent HK $400000000 to buy 760 Shaw movies of perpetual copyright, and spend $200000000 for a digital restoration.

Run Run Shaw donor over hundreds of one billion money, for the mainland, Hongkong construction education, medical facilities.dvb t receivers
Hongkong tertiary colleges was Run Run Shaw donor, such as Chinese University Hong Kong, Shaw College, University of Hong Kong, City University Hong Kong, Run Run Shaw f. Run Run Shaw library. In 2005, Run Run Shaw donated $10000000 to the South Asian tsunami disaster area.

In 1974 by the queen awarded CBE Honours in recognition of his achievements in the entertainment business, governor Sir Mai Lihao hosted the awards. In 1977 by the queen canonized as the KNIGHT BACHELOR, grant jazz titles. On 1990, Chinese government will China discovered the 2899 planet is named “Run Run Shaw star”. In 1991, the United States of San Francisco city September 8th of each year as” Run Run Shaw day”, in recognition of the social welfare contribution.cable supplier In 1998, the SAR government issued GBM honours.

In 2002 Run Run Shaw founded the “Run Run Shaw Award”, the first held in 2004. Nobel Prize awards to imitate, each elected world in mathematics, medicine and astronomy in 3 aspects of a successful scientist, awarding $one million bonus for praise. The first mathematical prize winner is Chen Shengshen; astronomy prize for P . James E . Peebles; life science and medicine prize for Stanley N Cohen, Herbert W . Boyer, Jian Yuewei and Richard Doll.

Shaw and China Star Film Company to invest 1100000000 HK dollar, located in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Village” Hongkong film city,” in the middle of 2005 opening. Studio facilities including post-production center, administration building, studio, theater and Exhibition hall. Shaw said studios after completion, will and actors contract, investment of about HK $200000000. About 15 new drama.

Run Run Shaw’s first wife was Miss Huang Meizhen, married in 1937, two women and two kids. In 1987 in the United States and Huang died of illness, at the age of 85. In 1997, Run Run Shaw and Fang Yihua in the United States of America Las Vegas wedding.

The computer display

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Display fault

Display fast fault judging method

The computer display fault into the soft and hard faults, when our monitor cannot show normally, we should first simple analysis, fault where the software is provided, or the internal display circuit is broken, and then determine whether to repair, so that less run injustice road. According to display fault classification fault phenomenon are as follows:

The black screen

When you open the computer, a few minutes after the image does not appear. Then you should first have a look on display panel power indicator light is bright. If not bright check monitor power plug is connected. If the power line plug is good ( to ensure that the power socket has electricity, can change a jack try ), and the power switch is open, but the display indicator light is not bright, the display having an internal circuit fault, you should send a special repair department repair.

If the display power source guiding lights is bright, then you should restart the computer, and pay attention to the host indicator light is flashing, host, whether there is a “beep ” sound. If the computer has normal start. When should check the display and the host signal line connection is normal, and the host is 15 D needle shaped plug is loose, plug inside the needle is broken, crooked, short and so. If the connection is normal ( if the conditions for a display to try, or for a host to try, who is the fault immediately read out, because there is failure of the card ), illustrated display internal fault, should be repaired.

The current display is energy-saving, according to the host sends line field synchronizing signal automatic work in the corresponding state and pattern, the indicator lights on the panel at the same time indicating the corresponding state. Usually flashing orange – shutdown or sleep, orange – yellow – wait, hang, green – the normal display.

When you display a black screen,dvb t tuners
after your careful examination is not the host of problems, it is best not to continuous or long time to display power, so as to avoid the expansion of the fault.

Flower screen

Is usually the result of the display is not supported by the host sends the display mode, is often higher than the display mode display screen image, caused confusion, unable to see the screen image and text. If it is a pattern recognition display, there may be a black state, but below the panel indicator light is green. At this point you can restart the computer in safe mode, the display mode is changed to the 640 * 480, again starting computer can restore. If this method doesn’t work, you can be in safe mode to remove the video card driver, and then in the normal mode to install video card driver. Also in the memory card when the fault occurs in fixed position on the display screen will appear confused, while others showed normal.

There are also individual card damage to spend a screen, but the probability is very small.

Lacks the color   What compared with is obvious lacks red or the yellow, or blue color, also has the possibility is the color is chaotic, but the picture detail is clear. By now the monitor looked at the time slightly to be long a spot, the eye is very uncomfortable,dvb t receivers
has the pricking. By now you might after the close-down, inspects your monitor and main engine’s coupler plug, looked that inside needle whether has breaking (is all lacks, but has, but has only revealed half), pine, crooked (deflection in one side or and other needles continually in together).

(what please note monitor and main engine usual use is 15 needle D shape plug, generally only uses 11, will be emptying 9 and 5,11th needle generally, we do not need to feel strange, will not want artificial to lack with pin needle to make up neat). Whether the inspection obviously card does become less crowded again. If these do not have the question, the monitor then might send to repair.

When the screen entire presents (R) red, when green (G), blue (B), at this time certainly was the monitor internal circuit is bad. Bai Ping   Presents the white screen phenomenon expression back worn out fur woman with no pubic hair to be able the normal work, whether first judges the motherboard normal work, may according to the power switch examine whether there is the indicating lamp did respond,cable supplier if the indicating lamp may transform the color, indicated that the motherboard work is normal

1. whether the inspection motherboard signal output screen’s ties do have the bad contact (to be possible to replace ties or screen)

2. inspects motherboard each operating point the voltage to be whether normal, specially screen power line voltage

3. uses the oscilloscope to inspect the good field signal and the clock signal (from inputs to output)

4. exchanges writes the procedure the general board testing. If the indicating lamp does not have the response or is not bright, indicated that the motherboard work is not normal: 1. inspects motherboard various operating points the voltage, must pay attention to EPROM the voltage (about 4.8V), resetting voltage (high level or low level, according to type different), CPU voltage.

If presents the power source to short-circuit, must search the short circuit position carefully, will have the PCB board copper foil to present the short circuit the possibility .2. to search CPU various feet and motherboard’s contact to be whether good! 3. inspection motherboard chip and CPU whether to work, available oscilloscope survey crystal oscillator whether starting of oscillation: 4. when necessity replaces CPU or carries on to CPU burns the record.

television media

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Mobile digital television

Mobile digital TV is the definition can be moved in a state television, is a new concept of information mobile outdoor digital television media, is the traditional TV media extension. It uses mobile digital TV in the world’s most advanced digital television technology, through the wireless transmitting,dvb t tuners
receiving method of ground for the spread of television programs, you can at any installation of the receiving device bus, ferry, rail transportation and other mobile carriers such as DVD clear watch mobile TV, of course also in non Mobile receive the case.

Mobile digital TV is internationally recognized as a new media, it first appeared in the 2002 October, Singapore, mainland China’s first batch of mobile digital TV is put into operation in Shanghai, at present the whole nation already had Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Hangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuxi and other places opened mobile digital television.

As a new media, mobile digital TV has the advantages of easy installation, wide coverage, reflecting the rapid, mobility and strong features,dvb t receivers
besides the advantages of traditional media publicity and appreciation function, but also bear the city emergency early warning, traffic, food hygiene, such as commodity quality government safety information release.

Mobile TV is through radio digital signal emitting, receiving the digital terrestrial broadcast and reception of TV programs, without connecting the cable TV network, through the set-top box, a receiving antenna and terminal display can watch television programs, which cover a wide range, rapid response, strong mobility, regardless of in the high speed mobile or fixed state can keep the picture clear, achieved while looking at watch, whenever and wherever possible, great to meet the fast-paced society people demand for information.

A television body   At present, in the market sells the digital television, says from the strict significance, is not the digital television, but is the digital television signal monitor (HDTV READY), because such digital television cannot watch the digital television program directly, but also needs to join a set-top box again, the receive and the change-over signal form is only then good, if does not have the set-top box, your digital television resolution again high not useful.

But, a digital television body machine does not need the set-top box, therefore, a digital television body machine was considered that is the “digital television in the true sense”, has represented the future digital television development direction,cable supplier
but through the set-top box looker-in digital television is onePlants the transitional measure, is the country machine card separation policy, before or the country digital television standard has not released the temporary measure. Chinese Visible image Profession Association Secretary General Ms. Bai Weimin also thought: In the future the digital television development direction will be a digital television body machine, the set-top box will be the transitional product.

A digital television body machine can use at present?   Then, a digital television body machine can use under the present television signal form? This is many consumer issue of concern. A TCL digital television body machine project person in charge says: A digital television body machine is a digital-analog body machine actually, is also the compatible digit and simulates two kind of signals. In inserts the card time may watch the digital television signal directly, in does not insert the card in the situation to be possible to watch the present all analog television signal, uses the television with us any not to distinguish now. This is the full consideration digital television also requires period of time in China’s popularization the basic reality.

buy skills

Friday, October 21st, 2011

October is the high season for weddings, wedding choice is very important, every bride in the wedding dream become the most shining star, show the elegant demeanour. So the different height of the bride to the wedding? Want to let myself be the wedding of the most glamorous princess,入冊張數問題

will have a look of this choose and buy skills.

The petite thin bride

Choose a point: want to let her figure is slender, may choose in waist and waist pleated white gauze fabrics wedding, can be elongated body lines; can also choose waistline into V characters design in order to increase the sense of slender waist. In addition, the upper body can choose to tighten the chest A fonts wedding, will make you seem fresh and refined; can also choose gorgeous multiple variations of the upper body design. Skirts can be selected appropriately small tail, lower body to extend the line of sight.

Match taboo: attention should be paid to avoid a long skirt and gown, and try to avoid the lower skirt is too loose style, so as to avoid the head light foot heavy feeling. Rotator cuff design should also avoid exaggerated, such as the large sleeve or large lotus leaf,photo
can choose small French short sleeve.

Recommends: expanding Xiaoniaoyiren lovely feeling, build sweet innocent Princess image: layers of yarn + skirt Petite bride Princess type is a good choice, it will make you look lovely exquisite.

Targeting the chest small compared to the bride

Collocation points: fold type upper body design will make you look taller, it can let you show a charming woman, the other more fluffy material can make your body looks suddenly rounded fullness.

Match taboo: don’t choose a style and with complicated accessories.

Recommends: fold body design, modeling unique hem, personality show temptation. Do not worry about their own simple figure, slightly carefully choose their own wedding, you can also at the wedding, upright self-confidence.

For too plump fat bride

Choose a point: if you are upper body obesity of the bride, I suggest you choose the best body design is simple and can show the advantages of the thoracic cord hem wedding, choose princess skirt; can refer to inverted pear-shaped bride wedding selection method. If you are down the fullness of the bride, A font skirt is a good choice, you need to pay special attention to the collar design, can the line of sight of people locked in a relatively slender upper body; can also refer to pear shaped bride wedding selection method.

Match taboo: skirt too expansive,dress problems decoration too burdensome fat bride choose wedding taboo, besides cake skirt, laminated skirt will make you seem more bulky.

Recommends: upper body obesity should choose upper simple princess skirt; lower body fat suit A shaped skirt.

In view of a slender body symmetry of the bride

Choose a point: a slender body symmetry of the MM is that many women dream standards body, in the bridal choice is relatively free, any styles of bridal wear on your body very convenient, choose a stunning dress, do not waste your good figure.

Recommends: narrow tilting as the best option, particularly in the bag body, hem assumes the fishtail gown show the most graceful, beautiful body curve, with cap and cover the denomination of about half the length of yarn, and beautiful bride immediately presents the implicit. Wedding ornaments. With delicate concise advisable, do not exaggerate, destroying the whole thin felt.

China Gold Association

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Recently,” the Eighth China gold jewelry design competition” officially launched in Shenzhen. With the previous contest is different, the previous sponsor China Gold Association invites China Central Television network jointly hosted the tournament, in order to let more social design excellence into the contest, giving the contest more fashion elements, creating the “China gold jewelry industry” designer of the cradle,convenient traffic
is the China gold jewelry industry to provide everfount design resources.

It is reported, this contest to ” creative, open future” for the theme, introducing the market mechanism, to product innovation and service innovation as the goal.

The establishment of a domestic well-known jewelry manufacturing enterprises, design institutes based event presidium, to large retail service enterprises, the mass consumer groups, fashion, art and industry experts dominated the competition jury, also added new competition group, and proposes the innovation competition and selection rules; to the market needs and aesthetic as the award-winning works of important evaluation standard, to contest winners commercial success as a competition success or failure of an important reference, fully embodies the people-oriented design concept to product.

Industry sources,Changsha consumers
China’s gold jewelry industry still is in long-term, known as the domestic gold jewelry design competition” Oscar” the Chinese gold jewelry design competition, will everfount mining gold jewelry product design personnel, the upgrading of domestic gold jewelry product design concept and level, better enrich gold jewelry culture connotation, this will be the Chinese jewelry industry health development power.

In addition, according to the organizing committee staff introduction, this competition will be through the network application, network selection, micro-blog heat and other activities carried out to promote technology innovation, competition and more material combination, encouraged to provide works full set of solutions and products to enhance soft services. Contest organizers the China Gold Association, and China Central Television network that, through this and the next few China gold jewelry design contest of unremitting efforts, will boost China gold jewelry industry development.

After more than 3 months to organize, 14, county of jade jewelry Association was formally established. The association aims to realize the city appoint,Changsha consumers state government puts forward” jewelry culture industry 10 billion yuan project and tourism cultural industry 10 billion yuan project” development target, accelerate the development of cultural industry of jewelry.

Reportedly, the future county Party committee, county government in jewelry industry development, will take ” fangshuiyangyu, incubate is brought phoenix ” favourable policy, reduce the access threshold, perfect the jewelry industry investment environment construction, encourage jewelry investors to of venture investment, actively carry out related social services work, involving foreign affairs, industry and Commerce, industry and commerce, taxation, construction, education, labor, public security departments to their function within the well convenient, fast service work, simplify investment business in Longchuan investment procedures, reduce administrative examination and approval, simplify procedures, reduce the investment business start-up costs.

The production run to make my county jewelry industry development planning and implementation of views, introduction of the introduction of jewelry personnel policies and measures. The Department of education has caught the jade class teaching and management, cultivation of talents to promote the jewelry, jewelry industry development efforts.

international market

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

On the international market review: New York 11 currencies, the euro against the dollar has remained relatively steady, taking the intraday gains, prior to the Slovakia parliament refused to vote to expand the euro fund plan.

The European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank said in early 11, Greece will receive 8000000000 euros of aid,triangular interval
in order to avoid a Greek default, the message to boost investor confidence in the euro 11, but Slovakia’s parliament voted against the euro bailout fund expansion solution, and the combined vote of confidence in the government.

International Gold 11 closed down slightly, the gold quiet trading, market volume is small, the Slovakia in the euro zone relief fund expansion for voting on the slow progress.

Important economic data and events:

Beijing / Hongkong time 13 : 30 French September consumer price index;

Beijing / Hongkong time 16 : 30 British unemployment rate in September;

Beijing / Hongkong time 17 : 00 euro August industrial production.

Gold: Gold opened in October 11th 1676.09 dollars, a minimum of $1654.80, $1684.60, $1662.58 final. Days of amplitude of $33.80.

Gold prices fell slightly short continued Tuesday, fluctuating pattern.

Daily since September 26th has a convergent rhythm appeared.

Technology is shown in the chart,Federal Reserve
gold fell into the adjustment pace, slowing down, some technical indexes reach the resistance region.

In the gold price failed to break since the August 23rd adjustment channel as well as the daily average system to suppress the arrangement change before the shock to maintain the rhythm, gold.

The current gold top pressure of 1684 and $1703 and $1580, below the support of 1650.

Operation: maintenance of recent thinking, market in technology resistance area for directions, 1703 to 1722 regional multiple resistance area,gold future the transaction can be considered in this area appropriate to sell, concussion dominated thinking.

Silver: International Silver opened in October 11th 32.10 dollars, a minimum of $31.39, $32.51, $32.10 final. Days of amplitude of $1.12.

Tuesday silver narrow shocks, temporarily blocked from August 23rd since drop channel along the.

The past few days the amplitude limited, silver into corresponding levels of finishing rhythm, there is no strength to the trend, the current daily average system keep pressing state.

Operation: the kinetic energy consumption market in substantially after finishing into the rhythm, the current in the 32.80 and 33.42 are resistance area, the transaction can be appropriate to consider selling.

Performance support

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Performance support

The future may be repaired

At present, the gold plate companies began to release its third quarter results trailer. For example, Shandong gold company before 2011 three quarter expected net profit than the same period last year growth of 50% to 100%, its expected performance increased substantially in the same direction is due 2011, international and domestic gold prices remain good situation, company to take effective measures to strengthen management, increase production, reduce costs, improve profitability.

In addition, according to the relevant statistics, as of October 14th, a total of 12 bodies on Zijin Mining 2011 year overall performance forecast.transparent products
Specifically, the average forecast net profit is 6555000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 0.3005 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year may increase 35.77%. In addition, as of October 4th, a total of 13 bodies on mining 2011 annual performance forecast, prediction of average net profit is 640000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 1.1696 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year will likely increase 193.71%.

Due to the rise in gold prices in the background, gold plate listed companies in the first half of the year performance achieved good performance, but also can realize the growth is expected in the three quarter. For example, Shandong gold in the first half of gold production and sales price Qi Sheng in the context of a net profit of 1049000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 83.44%; mining performance is the emergence of explosive growth, the first half net profit growth is expected in 320.26%, the first three quarters of this year net profit year-on-year growth of 180% to 230%. The analyst thinks, the golden rose and gold stocks are up,density polyethylene
in the next period of time may be repaired.

Mining potential

Resource advantage is valued

” Golden plates in the first half of the year by the drag on the market, the stock price down for a long time, the valuation of repair opportunities or will appear.” Huatai Securities analyst said, suggested that pays attention to the Shandong gold, gold gold, Zijin mining, constant state shares.

CICC recently released nonferrous metal industry weekly also thinks, short-term non-ferrous plate will continue to pressure, is still optimistic about the long-term structural opportunities in gold stocks. Everbright Securities report said, basic metal market is suppressed,special plastic but the second half of the year will be better than the first half, always strongly bullish on gold.

If a breakdown, funds stronger, in gold and other mineral resources reserve has advantages, can effectively control the mineral products production cost the company is good.

The third quarter has a number of gold plate listed companies to publish or implementation of the programme of asset purchases, such as mining industry subsidiary company for $66000000, Yu Guoqing completed before on overseas mining companies Kyrgyzstan left gold acquisitions. Relevant securities analysis, the future of these company gold production continued is worth looking forward to growth, continued expansion of the potential of the larger.