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Wukesong stadium

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Matching facilities   The Wukesong stadium has designed 6 player changing rooms, in the group competition, may also use some 4.   It is reported that these changing rooms defer to the high standard specialized basketball game to design, has established special facilities and so on closet, bathroom as the players.

It is reported that each changing room’s internal design is basically same, even if the giant star converges US “dream team”, also will not enjoy the special privilege

In the Wukesong basketball hall completion hall all doors surrender to the state 20 centimeters highly

The facility room’s front door about 2.3 meters,cheap bridal gowns considered the basketball athlete stature, constructs when the facility designs 2.5 meter high completely 2.3 meter high gate, convenient “giant” free turnover.

Stadium   Competition facility two are equipped with 45 theater boxes, big theater box 29, small theater box 16 between. Theater box level decoration for bamboo suspended ceiling and floor, wall surface for the Australian sandstone. The plastic quality of material’s seat which uses with other facilities is different, basketball hall 18,000 attend a banquet completely for the red softy chair,independent innovation
is comfortable and user-friendly. The spacious chair may hold the carriage slightly fat person, even if the playing time is long, the people will not think tired.

Moreover, for the convenient disabled audience, the facility is equipped with 8 prominent small stands separately in two stands place, each small stand may hold 5 wheelchair audiences.   From August 9, 2008 to August 28, altogether 38 number’s Olympic Games will compete will enable the basketball hall to become one of utilization ratio highest ball halls. Although in the basketball hall will only produce two Olympic Games gold medals, but here will hold in Beijing Olympic Games all sports items, the admission ticket will be most expensive (1000 Yuan) a competition – - – man basketball finals.

Use operation   The Wukesong culture sport center contains the stadium, the large-scale movement park, the culture sports facilities, the market,stadium project
the hotel, the office, is an organic synthesis whole.

The Wukesong stadium takes the home most advanced sports complexes, has many kinds of use functions. May carry on each kind of basketball, the badminton, the pingpong, the handball and so on large-scale competition and each kind of large-scale theatrical performance, and may admit the well-known Enterprises and institutions and individual’s crown. After Olympic Games compete, the stadium by the owner Beijing Wukesong culture sport center Limited company independent operation, the company through with the world famous facility operation enterprise cooperation, will realize the Wukesong stadium post-game full use completely.

Large-scale open-air culture sports park by each form to the exterior opening. Conducts each kind of activity for the resident, manifests cultural, sports, the leisure, the recreation center localization and the function fully.

Market, hotel when Olympic Games match may and watches the Olympic Games sports event’s regional audiences for the presence basketball hall and the ball park friend to provide the high quality service. Forms with the sports complexes merges into one organic whole perfectly,stronger sprint takes the Olympic Games contest area a big landscape. After the game will become the western shopping, commercial and rest and recreation’s heaven.

The office has the superior geographical qualification, upscale building equipment and unequalled green environment and historical commemoration significance.

Beijing Wukesong culture sport center will become west Beijing and even an entire Beijing’s big business circle and the luminescent spot.

funeral relatives

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Buries the Silicon Valley suburb low key funeral relatives and friends to attend the life to come to the end   On October 7, the Apple Company unites founder Steve · Qiaobusi the family member to hold the non-public funeral for it. It is reported that to protect the Qiaobusi family member’s privacy, the outside is unable to understand this funeral’s exact hour and the place. However,pollution sample
the Palo atropic city police spokesmen disclosed according to the Silicon Valley nearby that Qiaobusi funeral is held on 7th in the Silicon Valley suburb.

The Apple Company indicated before this that will not hold the public memorial activity for Qiaobusi, but announced electronic mail address, by will express sentiment which of the mourning for the web cam died to Qiaobusi. The Qiaobusi family member issued a statement saying that will construct a website to let the people deliver the online salute and mourning.

It is known that Qiaobusi funeral is a small personal meeting likely, how many bystanders have not participated. The majority is Qiaobusi before death family member and the intimate good friend. This funeral conducts is also just like the Qiaobusi always low key the life, this also gave us founder’s magnificent life to mark a perfect period.

Before Qiaobusi dies last day already to inform the death news to the police   We cared very much how Qiaobusi final that days were impetus
Once some media reported that the Qiaobusi biography’s relatives and friends once paid a visit, but is rejected. Because the Qiaobusi body extremely feeble, already difficulty with exchanged with the human, he needs more rests. But Qiaobusi died preceding day, was also the iPhone4S issue same day, Qiaobusi still the bed the direct seeding line which prepared specially for him watched the iPhone4S new product release conference through the apple. Perhaps this is also the Qiaobusi life final time, even if the body is again weak, still the heart was an apple.

Perhaps Qiaobusi already knew that did his day are not many, why such say? According to the overseas media reported that American California Palo Aier holds the police spokesmen to disclose, the apple Safety and security department staffs once met earlier last week with the police, inform the news which Steve · Qiaobusi possibly soon died, so that the police can increase the police forces patrol.

The Local police spokespeople indicated that the police have worked out a makeshift plan, so that after being able to obtain the apple to send in Qiaobusi who dies the news, can in Palo Aier held immediately nearby the Qiaobusi housing launched the safe patrol.centralism collection If because the common people knew that this extraordinary personality’s leaving the world, certainly will emerge the locality to come massively to visit.

Never publicizes video frequency to make public Wards to be interviewed delivers the good friend last regulation

in 1976, when year 21 year-old Qiaobusi and 26 year-old Wards Nepal Aike has established the Apple Computer company, and has created the wheat Chinta computer, iPad, iPod, iTunes Store, iPhone and so on many well-known digital products. Along with Qiaobusi dying of illness, once an advertisement video frequency which dubbed personally by Qiaobusi also flowed out along with it, this section of video frequencies were apple Think the Different advertisement first edition, and never publicized has broadcast, was listening to the sound which we were familiar with, this section of video frequencies appeared at this moment are especially precious and are touching.

digital media

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Video on demand   The IPTV namely interactive video on demand, is one kind of use broadband networks infrastructure, take the computer (PC) or “the ordinary television + network set-top box (TV+IPSTB)” as the main terminal device, provides the video on demand, the Internet visit, the email game to the user and so on many kinds of interactive digital media individuality demand service brand-new technology.

Based on P2P principle video on demand software, but is different with other P2P video on demand, the server end function is open, permission user increase the program, in the program which on-line found may also increase, based on the P2P principle dissemination,Google TV Remote
the program might also increase. Attempts the article television

Attempts the article television (Teletext) is one kind of visual broadcast outside ventures. Attempts the article television is in the analog television system, television screen each second demonstrated that 25 television signals, each 625 lines, each line sweeps from the screen right flank, each frame divides two sweeps from the screen under. Each 625 line of actual demonstrations on screen only then 575 lines, but also some 50 lines are the counter regulations, does not look. The counter regulation usually besides uses for to transmit the spike also to be possible to use for to transmit the extra data message, including graph, writing. In the receiving end audience uses the special-purpose chart article television decoder to be possible the information which watches on the screen transmits.

Dissemination effect   About the dissemination effect, the understanding to receive after generally the disseminator accepts the information,Android TV Remote
in aspects and so on sentiment, thought that manner and behavior has the change, but along with the dissemination study development, this dissemination effect’s limits had the very big expansion, namely the information sharing, the interest fosters, the knowledge contract, the mood response, joyful, the approval to be consistent esthetically. The manner transformation and the behavior change and so on accept the human to disseminate row of the effect.

The dissemination effect disseminates the effective result which the behavior produces.

Generalized, passes on objective result which the behavior causes, including to other people and periphery society actual react all influences and consequence.

The narrow sense, is disseminator’s some behavior realizes its intention or the goal degree.

Meaning:   First,Safety surface
it refers to has convinces the motive the dissemination behavior to receive psychological which, the manner and the behavior change on the passing on body causes.

Second, it refers to dissemination mass media and so on publication, broadcast, television activities to receive passing on particularly and the society producesInfluence and result overall, what no matter these influences intend or have no intention, to be direct is indirect, obviously in latent.

Dissemination effect three stratification planes

The effect may divide into the different stratification plane, according to the scholars roughly consistent view, the dissemination effect the logic sequence which or the performance stage occurs according to it may divide into three stratification planes: The extraneous information function in people’s consciousness and the memory system, causes people knowledge quantity increase with the knowledge structure change, belongs to the cognition stratification plane effect; The function causes the mood or the sentimental change in people’s idea either the value system, belongs to psychological and the manner stratification plane effect; These changes display through people’s words and deeds, namely becomes in the motion stratification plane the effect.Stadium seating From the cognition to the manner to the motion, is again an effect accumulation, deepened and the expanded process.

The above three stratification planes already manifest in concretely, the microscopic spreading process, also manifests comprehensive, the macroscopic society spreading process. Take the publication, the broadcast, the television as representative’s mass media dissemination’s social effect’s three stratification planes are:

1st, environment cognition effect. In the modern society, we rely on to a great extent to the periphery world’s consciousness and the impression the mass media. The mass media is the event which by in the transmit message, the report fact, the prompt society occurs for own duty, but they not write down whatever one hears. The media reported that is assorted, does not report is assorted, from is assorted the angle to carry on the report, is affecting us to the environment consciousness and the impression. This effect, in the dissemination study also said that “the field of vision restriction effect”, in other words, the mass media dissemination restricts us to observe social and the world field of vision.

2nd, the value forms with the maintenance effect. The mass media in the report news and in the transmission information, usually is containing is and non-, friendly and wicked, US and the clown, the progress and backwardness value judgment. The mass media advocated that is assorted, opposes to be assorted, objectively plays is forming with the maintenance social norm and value system’s role. This kind of function is displays through the media guidance of public opinion function, it forms the new standard and the value through the public opinion guidance, and may maintain both some standards and the value through the supervision of public opinion.

3rd, social behaviour demonstration effect. Mass media’s influence and not only displays in the cognition and the value orientation domain, it also through prompts the concrete behavior or the behaviour pattern to the society comes to affect people’s motion indirectly directly. The mass media dissemination has “the status entrusts with” the function, if one behavior obtains the dissemination widespread report and the dissemination, often will become the object which the average person will study or imitates. So long as we observe in the modern society between the popular phenomenon and the mass media dissemination relations, this point is not difficult to understand.

Regardless of being the socialist system or under capitalist system’s mass media, has the above three stratification plane social effect. However, as a result of their system foundation’s difference, both the world which, the initiative value and the behaviour pattern content promulgates to the people have the essence to distinguish.

blood’s transportation

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Aquatic yoga serviceable   As a result of water many kinds of characteristics, the movement organism plasticity are strongest in the water, eliminates the unnecessary fat in such a short time, and obtains the full physical ability exercise, has avoided the long-term movement the damage which brings to the skeleton, is suitable to many crowds.

If can insist for a long time makes the aquatic yoga, not only may adjust the human body posture and the spinal column physiology is curving,beautiful slender but can also cause the entire human body counter current linear development, this kind of adaptation changeability has molded person’s exquisite line, specially to abdomen, foot, buttocks, chest, shoulder back curve mold.

Aquatic yoga six big effects   1. relieve fstigue: The coordinate abdominal breathing, may massage, the extrusion using the hydraulic pressure, rub the internal organs, the gland, the skin, the muscle, the skeleton to achieve extends the live whole body physique, the relieve fstigue the effect.

2. enhances the attention: May help us to study the relaxation and the centralism attention, moreover to strengthens the equilibrium sense the training also very much to have the help; The human body must float the water surface, certainly must relax completely, therefore speaking of the beginner, from the very beginning the most difficult spot is “the relaxation” two characters.

3. strengthens the cardiopulmonary function: May strengthen the myodynamia, the myo- endurance and the cardiopulmonary function training; In the water activity the quantity of heat which must double compared to the land on, not can only consume the unnecessary fat,waist abdomen the contract muscle healthy stature, can strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, increases the oxygen, the carbon dioxide, blood’s transportation.

4. massage, skin care: Because in the water the movement relative perspiration are few, after reducing on land training, in sweat salinity to skin’s stimulation.
5. loses weight: In the water the movement uses has the oxygen to consume energy the form, energizes by the glycogen fat primarily. Therefore, while carries on this movement to coordinate the science the nutrition diet plan, to adjusts in vivo fat metabolism, to reduce the body fat to have the very remarkable effect.

6. models the shape: After water movement, as a result of body surface radiation stimulation and buoyancy pressure stimulation, but reflectively the adjustment body fat distribution, causes it to the hypodermic shift, urges the fat synthesis,government takes forms a very thin fat level, causes the physique line becomes pliable but hard to break harmonious.

No matter you want the simple movement? Wants to challenge the difficult a little movement? So long as had a look at underneath the movement the difficulty level to be possible! Two moves receive the abdominal type with ease to destroy completely on simply the abdomen the fat!

C thin abdominal type   Function: Not only this movement may examine the myo- endurance degree, but may also eliminate the abdomen fat,hong kong attractions strengthen the nuclear cardiac muscle group.

Movement: 1. sits in ground, the both feet side-by-side extends little, two place the front, the back hits straight, the knee bends.

2. the body will incline in the future the approximately 45 degrees, looks like a C character oneself, in the belly shrinks, the eye to look at the navel, felt that the belly receives flatly, the shoulder and the thigh relax, the concentration of efforts in the abdomen, the nature breath, approximately stops for 10 seconds, returns to the movement again 1.

Number of times: One 10 seconds, make five times.   Skill: Imagines this movement to be possible to help you to dig the abdomen fat, looks like is digging the ice cream the feeling to be the same.   Attention: The shoulder and the both legs do not tie tight, concentration of efforts in abdomen then.

The sit-ups (attack a fortified position abdomen fat)   Function: Eliminates the epigastrium fat, the training intercostal muscle group, strengthens the respiratory system function.

Movement: 1. lies down the posture, the both legs easement and the shoulder same width, two overlaps lift to the top of the head above, imagines the ceiling is the sky, the inspiration, infinite is extending the finger to the sky.

2. when aspirates, the rib contracts, leads the shoulder blade lift-off by the abdomen strength, both hands toward the knee extension.

3. the inspiration, returns to the movement 1 number of times: Six times.   Skill: When the shoulder blade takeoffs, felt that epigastrium’s fat along with yours fingertip, 11 is decomposing pulls out to infinite far front, your body changed is lithe!

Attention: Is making movement 2:00, your eye please look at the navel, but below remembered that pastes the tight ground, do not lift.


exercise effect

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Erroneous zone 14: The movement weary time drinks wine to be possible to recover from fatigue.

The strenuous exercise posterity’s bodily function will be at the high level the condition, this time will drink will cause the body to absorb the ethyl alcohol ingredient to enter the blood quickly, to organ’s and so on liver, stomach harms usually will be more serious.peel little
The ethyl alcohol needs the liver to decompose, and consumes massive Vitamin B1, after and aggravates the movement, the muscle is sore the feeling.

Erroneous zone 15: I not good, I cannot achieve, not self-confident.   Some people to the deficient confidence, saw others exercise is very good, thinks strongly compared to oneself; Another idea is feared that he will do is not good will be ridiculed. Actually these ideas are not unnecessary, regarding the mass character health sports, everybody’s beginning is impossible to unify, the movement is may at will, is heavy was insisting, again in exercise effect.   Erroneous zone 16: The hypokinesis is normal.

In the daily life has many people to be able to feel that oneself organism activity’s function is dropping slowly, but does not intervene,tora seeds
this is wrong. The movement function practice is retains the function the most effective method, if is counts on the fingers with the hand to move many, may aim at practices extends refers to, the five fingers effort unbends, the fingertip reflex action, then the relaxation, practices repeatedly. The daily body activity also many are the movement which bends, when the exercise adopts the resistance movement, after warming up, makes to extend pulls the movement, the hold part to be very effective, slows down the degenerated speed.

Erroneous zone 17: In the rate process, is thirsty when the massive potable waters or have a parched mouth endure not to drink.

So long as your movement, will have had such experience, in the rate process will have the thirsty feeling. By now drank water massively will stimulate the stomach, but endures not to be right, when you feel is specially thirsty, explained that your body has been at the water scarcity condition. Even if may also make up the water suitably in the rate process, is weak by against physical strength.monopolizes diabetes
Makes up the square water pitcher law to be the small mouth slow swallows, each time makes up the water not to be suitable are too many, moreover the water cannot be too cool, so long as could alleviate the thirsty symptom to be good, one hour within movement made up the warm boiling water then.

Erroneous zone 18: In the strenuous exercise stops the rest immediately.   When strenuous exercise person’s palpitation will speed up, the muscle, the telangiectasis, the blood flow will speed up, simultaneously the muscle will have rhythmicity the contraction to be able to extrude the venula, will urge the blood very quickly liuhui heart. This time if immediately stops down the rest,DVB S MANUFACTURER muscle’s rhythmicity contraction will also stop, will flow in muscle’s massive blood not to be able originally to receive the contraction through the muscle to return to the heart, the circumference blood increases, causes the blood pressure to reduce, presents the brain temporariness ischemia, the initiation is flustered pants, dizziness vertigo, to look pale, will be in shock faints and so on symptoms.

Erroneous zone 19: After massive movements, takes a bath immediately.   After strenuous exercise, the human body to maintain the body temperature constant, the skin surface vasodilatation, the pore opening, the perspiration increases, by facilitates radiates, because this time like will take the cold bath to stimulate suddenly, causes the blood vessel to contract immediately, the blood circulation resistance will enlarge, simultaneously organism resistivity will reduce, the human easy to fall ill.

But like will take the hot bath to continue to increase in skin’s blood current capacity, the blood excessively many will flow in the muscle and the skin, will cause the heart and the cerebrum blood supply insufficiency, light is dizzy, heavy prostration shock, but also easy to induce other old diseases.

surfaces recoils

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The telephone and the handset tower transmission’s wireless signal by the wall, the building, the ground and other contact surfaces recoils, possibly and will have the destructive disturbance. In the signal quality critical region, the destructive disturbance may the signal of stop,top domain
cause the words finally completely. As AT& The T handset antenna designer, Webb expresses the operation chamber of commerce basis antenna quality test “the omnidirectional sensitivity”.

Webb said that Verizon iPhone 4 compare AT& T iPhone 4 are more advanced. Verizon requests its handset to use two antennas, is for the purpose of realizing the data receive “the space diversity to be balanced”. If an antenna position is improper, another may make up promptly. Webb indicated that the iPhone 4S antenna design is more advanced, the antenna puts in the handset bottom end and the peak separately. The new design may reduce the antenna question which largely iPhone 4S possibly exists.

Certainly, “grasping of the death” possibly occurs. If the user grips the handset with both hands level, the handset signal will also have the problem. Webb indicated: “all handsets have such question. The handset antenna design is not perfect.”domain name
Webb also indicated that many people thought the double antenna design may promote the data transmission speed, this is “the nonsense”.

The apple manager already indicated that iPhone 4S supports HSDPA the 14.4Mbps network. Gartner moved the analyst Michael – Canada to leap Bai Ge (Michael Gartenberg) also once to indicate that the antenna gate already officially finished.

The apple started to accept new iPhone the 4S handset’s reservation just the past 24 hours to postpone this kind of handset’s estimate delivery date from original on October 14 1-2 star times.

The apple online store Saturday (on October 8) earlier revised all model iPhone the 4S intelligence handset’s predetermined delivery time. The apple original pledge Friday 12.01 points starts in the Pacific Ocean time to accept iPhone the 4S handset’s resources But, some small questions have postponed the apple and AT& T sale. The apple can start in US’s other two wireless partner Verizon and Sprint to order on time, but, some users reported that said that they very difficultly complete the order in the apple and the operator website.

AT& T will Friday announce later said that it received 200,000 within 12 hours to order iPhone the 4S handset’s order form, has created this company’s record. Sprint Friday said in the website, this company sells on commission 16GB iPhone the 4S handset already ordered finishes, 32GB and 64GB edition iPhone 4S still might order. However, Sprint said that 16GB iPhone 4S in October 14 in store sale. At first Verizon has also sold out 16GB which orders version iPhone the 4S handset. The Verizon website lists at present 16GB version iPhone the 4S handset’s delivery date is on October 21.

page’s order

Monday, October 10th, 2011

5th, the guidance design wants the easy search engine search.   Some people use the frame in the homepage manufacture, but this to the search engine is a serious issue. Even if the search engine found your content page, also possibly missed crucial guidance column, thus could not enter searches other pages. The guidance button which do with Java and Flash looks like is very attractive artistic,matches colors
but the search engine could not find them. The recovery means are make a navigation bar again in the page base with the conventional HTML link, guaranteed that may enter website each page through this navigation bar link. You may also make a website map, may also link each page.

6th, the publication free article, supplements the stand signature   Free (electronic communication/magazine) writes some specialized article for other website’s news mail, in the article the thing which describes you with the brief writing to provide in passing, and requested that opposite party links your website. This is one effective viral marketing method, your article will take hundred and thousand of user subscription information to send, lets your website disposable obtain several hundred links.

7th, issue news.   Seeks has the newsworthy event (for instance to propagandize you to provide free service), and issues the news you in the current capacity big website.

1st, website format design   The website format design through the writing and the graph spatial combination, expresses and visits with US. An outstanding website designer should know that which section of writing graph does place any position, can cause the entire website to live the splendor.big area
The multi-page stand’s arrangement design requirements the page between the organic relation reflected that must process between in the page and page’s order and the content relations specially.

2nd, the website form and the content unify   Must organizes the rich significance and the diverse form the unification the page structure. Using contrast and well distributed. Symmetrical and balanced. Rhythm and rhythm esthetic sense. For example, in the page design, the symmetrical principle balanced sometimes will cause the page will appear stereotypical, but if will join some rich people or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project the writing. The design, or will use exaggerating the technique to display the content often to achieve the quite good effect.

3rd, three-dimensional space constitution and virtual reality   In the network three-dimensional space is an imaginary space, this kind of spatial relations must with the aid of the dynamic change. Image steric factors and so on proportional relationship display.reversed direction In page, picture. Around the writing position folds the pressure, or the page location change produces the visual effect has nothing in common. In what the website is common is on the page. Next. Left. Right. The position produces the spatial relations, as well as the density position relations produce the spatial level, these two kind of position relations cause the spatial level high resilience which produces, simultaneously also lets the human have relaxed or the urgent feeling.

4th, multimedia function uses   One of homepage superiority is the multimedia functions. Must attract the browsing attention, page’s content may use the sound. Video frequency. The FLASH animation and so on displays. But must pay attention, as a result of the network band width’s limit, when uses the multimedia formal expression website the content should consider the client side the transmission speed.

health bath

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Mirror   What is most special is on the bedroom ceiling has with the bed Qi Da mirror, you may face-to-face sleep with. In the bathroom all health bath apparatus love Ma Shi’s sign, including the soap, the ancient dragon perfume and so on, showers certainly the equipment to be also outstanding, except outside above lotus dishevelled hair, but may also choose the top triad spraying of water, side is under the mosaic mural set-off massage bathing pool, the bathroom entrance also has the cerebral cortex deck chair, lets the passenger rest.

Because the primary porcelain this family super luxurious hotel was really too special, the external visitor only wanted to visit (speaking of certainly most people, also only could be such full fine sights), but please note, the hotel did not allow to enter the visit, had knows well friend’s words, might after the strict transmission visited the visit, or spent 240DHS, had the self-service breakfast,Chinese movie
might also visit (1Dhs approximately to be equal to 1.8 Yuan). But please note, the visit also is only restricted in the hall, the guest room department corridor may not enter.

The Dubai seven star class hotel anteroom’s characteristic has the red ceiling’s circular bed, under bed’s floor may revolve. In the master bathroom has the circular to be possible extremely the Italian sign massage bathtub. The anteroom has an independent elevator and the movie hall. Edits this section of consumption level

The Allah berta hotel built in 1994, in 1999 December started doing business, only the outer covering and the reclamation expense reached as high as 1,100,000,000 US dollars. This hotel altogether has 202 two person anterooms, in which 164 anterooms has the spacious bedroom. In addition has two set of Allah berta hotel president the anteroom and two sets of kings the anteroom.walks delivers Its most luxurious 780 square meter presidents the anteroom is also shining. The guest room area from 170 square meters to 780 square meters different, one-roomed guest room’s area amounts to 180 square meters, the internal installation 14 telephones; But king in the anteroom non-rope telephone many in 27. Moreover is the landing glass window completely, momentarily may face the vast Arabian Sea. As soon as enters the room, has a steward to wait with you to explain how in the room each high tech facility should use.

In addition, in the hotel fully has two buildings feeds specially the fitness club which the staying at an inn passenger fitness uses, 24 hour all-weather service. This is also in the present world is biggest, the equipment to be most advanced, to serve the best hotel fitness place. Between there most den 170 square meters, lowest house price 1299 US dollars. Highest president the anteroom takes 18000 US dollars (not including breakfast). President the anteroom in 25th, the furniture is the gold-plating, is equipped with a movie theater, two bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, the difference has the special-purpose elevator. The equipment has 7 personal stewards, 1 chef, 1 driver, the male servant and so on (personal steward may send out the same day’s yellow gold price). Deceased top fashion designer Fan Sizhe once was full of praise to it.

In summer, to encourage to expend, after the one-roomed guest room reduces prices, also takes 2500-3500 Dirham (approximately 3.66 Dirham to be equal to 1 US dollar). According to hotel general manager introduced that the inn year to year occupancy rate surpasses 82%, the passenger many are the great person, the rich person and rich wife, from Saudi Arabian, British, German,
regional healthSaudi Arabian other United Arab Emirates and bay and Mideast. What they settle on exterior is here environment is relatively quiet, is far away from and the bustling streets, may relax well, is not disturbed. In addition, also has the visitor to move in is to become engaged, the marriage, to celebrate a birthday with other is worth the commemorative personally the reason.

Because reputation in outside, therefore this family hotel has also brought in the innumerable tourists. Their goal stays at an inn by no means that but is only treats as it the scenic site or the museum visits tours, in enters or in the wrong side of the door photograph photograph, keeps a memento, “one tours to this”. Therefore, the hotel can not but take the unusual measure, wants the visitor who to each position into visits, has in 150 square meter triangle constructions in hotel great hall – - this – - the collection to reach as high as 200 Dirham’s taxes and fees, controls tourist’s quantity. This expense has gone far beyond in the world many famous museums and the scenic site expenses.

gang foreman

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Classifies 1, valuables: Jewelry, credit card, check, cash, camera, wristwatch, commercial material, ID card, returning to home village card, passport and so on; 2nd, non-valuables: Eyeglasses, daily thing and so on;

Preservation: 1st, all carry-over goods must preserve in the lost object safe; 2nd, the valuables separate depositing with the non-valuables, the valuables should the specialist manage; 3rd, the valuables storage time is one-and-a-half years, the non-valuables retention time is a half year, opening food, the drink and the drugs retention time is three days; 4th, surpasses the retention period the goods, handles jointly with Department concerned identical processing by guest room department manager;   Accepting: 1st, accepts the way: A, accepts directly; B, asks the human to replace accepts; 2nd, queries the related question, after unmistakable, please accept the person signature, and leaves behind the telephone and the address.

Fifth, miniature service routine

Provide: 1st, the room miniature by the floor gang foreman global administration, the liquor water receives in the service center; 2nd, receives by the gang foreman according to the stipulation variety and quantity, places according to the request; 3rd, the filling in liquor water receives the registration, the commodity name, quantity should tally, and indicates the provide time and provides the human;

Supplemented: 1st, the service class expends the list according to the same day visitor to carry on the supplement, and inspects the liquor water quality quantity and guarantees the nature time; 2nd, expends the single guest room association the visitor to hand over in the service center; 3rd, after being occupied by person room expense liquor Shui Xujing the visitor to sign the confirmation, supplemented again; Catering Service
Inspection: 1st, when gang foreman ward inspection carries on the inspection item by item to the miniature goods, and registers; 2nd, serves Ban Dui to live in the guest room daily three inspections; 3rd, works as the visitor to the shop, the service class enters the room inspection liquor water expense situation in the first time, reports the service center promptly.

Sixth, sees a visitor out the service routine    Preparatory work: 1st, grasps the visitor to the shop time, queries the visitor whether needs to awaken the service, whether the room does dine; 2nd, like the guest leaves the shop next day, team Fang Yao acts according to baggage how many, arranges the luggage clerk; 3rd, must inspect the guest clothes situation, each kind of account Shan Jige the item to entrust charge d’affaires the item whether to handle;

4th, before the visitor just before leaving, the service person should use the room service the opportunity, whether there is inspects each kind of goods and the equipment to damage or be short of; 5th, before leaving, should solicit visitor’s suggestions on own initiative;   Send-off: Presses the elevator on own initiative for the visitor, raises the baggage on own initiative, supports by the arm on own initiative is old, is weak, delivers to the elevator mouth, and sends leaves the wish.   Inspection: 1st, whether there is inspects the visitor to leave behind the goods; 2nd, whether there is inspects the room facility equipment to damage, whether there is to expend the project;

Seventh, adds the bed service routine    Adds the bed: 1st, after receiving adds the bed notice, immediately provides this service, usually is when the visitor has not been admitted to completes; 2nd, after main station notice service center, must record promptly in the room report form adds bed’s room number; 3rd, the service center informs the gang foreman or Taiwan Ban Zuojia the bed service; 4th, whether the inspection spare bed does have the damage, and cleans cleanly, after thrusting the room, shop good bed; 5th,
Google TV remote after adding the bed, must increase in the room the related low consumption and spare parts quantity;   Matters needing attention: 1st, continues the housing to raise leaves early the bed, must on indicate in “the room report form” draws back the bed, and informs the main station; 2nd, after returning a house, the bunk must receive the good homing as soon as possible, after spare inspections and so on pillow, cotton-wadded quilt do not have the question, the fold returns the home position neatly.

Eighth, flatters the service routine    Receives the request: 1st, after receiving the visitor requests, should promptly go to the guest room collection to flatter the basket; 2nd, when the corridor patrols, before discovering the resident door to flatter the basket, should attain the workshop to carry on cleaning immediately;   According to requests to flatter: 1st, the shoes basket serial number, and writes visitor’s room number on the paper puts in the shoes basket or with the chalk in the shoe sole indication room number, prevents to make mixes; 2nd, lays aside the shoes in the work once in a while the service center, flatters according to the regulations, should pay attention avoids the colour blending and makes the shoe polish in the shoe sole;

Returning: 1st, generally should within a half hour later, two hours, will scratch the good shoes to send in the visitor room; 2nd, regarding proposed that the special time request’s visitor, should return to promptly the shoes; 3rd, returns, if the visitor in the room, should not scratch the good leather shoes to put in the baggage cabinet side;


Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Drumtower   The blue brick black eyebrow coloring tile, the tertiary upturned eave’s drumtower is the Meng Chengyi commanding point and the vivid designated object, high approximately 15 meters, on hangs “flies the Chinese style pavilion insults the day”, “as far as the eye can see the lake day” the inscribed horizontal tablet, but also has “sets at the postal biography life”, “blood vessels of the country” the inscription.

Building high three,welcomes guests
circle along the wooden ladder on, goes against the building store height to hang a red wheat flour big drum. It is reported that the ancient times relay station beats a drum to report time the great importance, the drumbeat is orders. Stands tall and erect palatially the drumtower both may the night-watch report time, when can stand guard looks into the distance from a high place, has the significant marriage celebration at this announcing success celebration. Horse temple

The horse temple in relay station behind, implores the troops safe sacrificial offering place, hands down the lunar calendar June 23 is Ma Shen the birthday, the post assists must come the burning incense worship surely. Before the temple, has the horse stable, the manger, the stone mortar, some plump and sturdy, with really Ma Yuanda bordeaux b horse stone carving, but also has 4 which the Ming Dynasty stays behind to start the stone pillar. Starts Shi Dun is the stepping-stone which the people start,sample investigation
on has sound of flowing water the gigantic concave shape footprint. This after steps on the mark which inferiorly surely cross stays behind, is precisely the postal post historical shoe mark.

Southeast the relay station also has the post horse to drink the pond ruins.   The antithetical couplet “the traveler meets by chance should stop sleeps, the battle path to this is the family”, “the plum sends the spring breeze fatigue couriers, the reed shoot bosom autumn waters holds the great wild goose postal”, was the same year relay station life portrayal. The container city post by the former site, the cultural relic, the picture, the statistical form and so on has presented the postal post real state, to study our country ancient times the postal post system and the postal post culture has provided the important cultural relic and the testimony in kind.

Function   The Chinese ancient times’s relay station, its function was quite comprehensive, summarized probably has four: First is the postal biography function, this is also the relay station most important function, the postal biography is equal to us now post and telecommunications office’s function, therefore, the modern people often said that the relay station is the posts and telecommunications predecessor, is its origin.

Second are the reception functions,State Department quite in our modern government boarding house, reception passing official, various countries’ diplomatic agent and so on. Third is the transporting grain by water function, each position comes time, possibly already noted our relay station was borders on the Beijing Hangzhou big canal, in the Ming Dynasty, the canal north and south penetration, was the transportation aorta then. Ancient times’s container city post was undertaking the north and south transporting grain by water task, shipped the grain, to ship the table salt.

For example, Gao You have the north and south clear child river, in after canal’s grain salt ships, must through the relay station transportation, anchor the clear child river, transports to the Lixia River area. Fourth, is the midway sends under escort the criminal, this is also a relay station special function, is equal in our present’s lockup.