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Saturday, November 5th, 2011

In 4 neonatal bowel — diarrhea or constipation

The baby’s bowel movement is normal, with the frequency of defecation and shape to judge; usually the baby to drink breast milk, a drink of urination and defecation, defecation number more, feces was thin water shape, but also has the potential for complete digestion gastrointestinal residue, so many days of defecation, medical statistics for 20 days no defecation records. As for the baby to drink milk a day,沐浴液
about 1 ~ 2 times defecation, stool is hard. Baby defecation pattern differ from man to man, as long as the baby ‘s normal body weight increase, which is the normal status.

Born 1 to 2 months in the newborn, will show ” neonatal gastrointestinal reaction”, after drinking milk will fart defecation, so the frequency of defecation more, physician reminders, if 1 ~ 2 months newborn day defecation more than 6 times it is necessary to pay attention to. If the baby to drink breast milk, this is a normal phenomenon.

Baby defecation moisture content is too high, known as diarrhea, may be due to mild enteritis, cow’s milk allergy, food add inappropriate or virus infection, bottle, pacifier disinfection is not clean will also cause. Solution is to pay attention to health, such as the use of pacifiers, not readily placed, bottles, pacifiers clean and disinfected, supplement nutrition and moisture. If breastfeeding can continue to feed ( fast recovery ), if it is to drink formula milk can change a lactose-free formula milk or milk powder, add a little less ( not more than 3 to 4 days ).

Baby constipation causes, common to eat formula or megacolon caused by (i.e., e. nerve damage or leads to developmental anomalies of defecation is not easy ). Recommend eating formula by can drink milk or for other brands of baby milk powder, Dr. Chen Zhicheng said,牛奶
also can change the diet added glucose, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis make defecation Shun

Free. If the giant intestinal symptoms caused by constipation, physicians should please, when necessary.

Prevention of neonatal diarrhea or constipation can occur in the notice on food hygiene, proper feeding, less

Rich fatty foods,母乳
eat more fresh vegetables, vitamin B, improve gastrointestinal function can also catch

With diarrhea ( constipation ) full nutrient milk.

In 5, the gum and more tears

Natural birth baby, in the black eye, there will be arc line strip bleeding, this situation is due to production through the birth canal by extrusion, is the normal phenomenon, after a period of time will naturally fade.

Another little baby common situation is gum or tears, even sometimes gum will to the eye cannot open, Chen Zhaohui said, the baby gum is many, tears for nasolacrimal duct obstruction; the solution is from the eye ( i.e. inner canthus eye inside ) to the bridge of a nose medial massage, or from the nasal vibration force down the pressure can be improved, about the baby was born 8 to 9 months will heal.south sea pearls If the eye inflammation, swelling of eyelids where to go to see a doctor.

Another common situation is the baby nasolacrimal duct cysts, symptoms are the medial canthus muster, a purple, 8 to 9 months to recover, he must please ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes the baby’s eyes will be swollen a situation, hot days when will be more serious, such as capillary hemangioma.

sisters gems

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Sapphire and Ruby contact

Sapphire ( Sapphire ) and ruby are sisters gems, they all belong to the corundum minerals, is in addition to the Diamond Sapphire Pendant beyond Earth the hardest natural mineral, basic chemical composition of alumina. In addition to star effect, only translucent or transparent and colorful corundum can be called the gem. Red and chrome corundum red adjustable elements, it was known as the ruby; blue sapphire ( Sapphire ) is because it contains the trace of titanium and iron. In fact, in addition to red corundum, all other tones in the commercial is called sapphire corundum ( Sapphire ).

Therefore, sapphire ( Sapphire ) not only refers to the blue corundum, except it has a complete blue series, and like fireworks like the sunset yellow, pink,mineralization
orange and purple, the color of sapphire ( Sapphire ) are collectively referred to as colored sapphire ( Sapphire ).

Main components

Sapphire component is alumina, because it contains trace elements Ti ( Ti4 + ) or iron ( Fe2 + ) and blue. Is a three crystal system. Crystal morphology are usually cylindrical, short column, plate shape, geometry for granular or compact massive. Transparent to translucent, vitreous luster. Sapphire crystal refractive index 1.76-1.77, double refraction rate 0.008, two color and strong. Heterogeneous body. Sometimes has special optical effect – star effect. The hardness is 9 3.95-4.1, density g / cm. No cleavage, fracture of science development. Under certain conditions, can produce beautiful six shooting stars, known as the” star sapphire”.

Sapphire can be divided into blue sapphire and the bright color ( blue ) sapphire. Color is produced with India” cornflower blue” is the best. Sapphire is said to protect the king and the monarchy from harm,” the imperial stone ” is called.produce turquoise
The international gemstone sapphire as the” September Birthstone”, symbol of affection, loyal and faithful. Sapphire is the world’s five largest high-grade gemstones precious one.

Sapphire and similar blue gems, synthetic gems from blue. Similar blue gem is blue, blue, blue zircon spinel tourmaline, Benitoite, kyanite, such as cordierite. Similar synthetic gems, synthetic spinel synthetic sapphire, containing cobalt blue glass. The blue tip spar raw sapphire: uniform color, microstrip gray, crystal in eight face of the body, homogeneous body, no two color. Blue : the color is blue with green tourmaline crystals, as three party columnar, hardness, density, refractive index is lower than the sapphire, two color extremely obvious, double refraction rate. Blue zircon zircon: after heat treatment,DVB T RECEIVER bright color, good dispersion, high birefringence rate. Synthetic sapphire: uniform color, clean, inclusions are scarce, a round bubble, homogeneous body.

The evaluation and choice of sapphire. The evaluation and choice of sapphire factor is the color, weight, transparency and clarity. Sapphire is the biggest characteristic of uneven color, polysynthetic twin agenesis, two color and strong. The Burma region producing sapphire, with bright blue ( titanium containing coloring ), because it contains inclusions, can produce six or twelve rayed star shot. India Kashmir sapphire, a cornflower blue, is a microstrip purple indigo blue, bright color, quality sapphire. Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Australia produced sapphire also features. Sapphire has a brittle, wear should avoid beat, knocking.