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Middle East analysts have pointed out that over the years

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Israeli warplanes today bombed the central and northern Gaza , and threatened to Gaza water and electricity .

According to Voice of Israel reported that Israeli reconnaissance aircraft bombed this morning at the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, a goal a few minutes later , army an F16 fighter jets bombed a target in northern Gaza , Hamas in Palestine , but I do not know casualties . The Israeli military said the bombing of Gaza , is the control of extremist militants of Hamas in Gaza to Israel early morning of 26 Ash Cole areas rocket retaliation . Reported that Israeli warplanes hovered over the Gaza Strip is still under surveillance , looking for new targets.

According to Israel’s Ynet news report, Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Ayalon 26, issued a statement , in view of Hamas militants continued attacks on Israel , and Palestinian National Authority and Hamas on the formation of new Palestinian government has reached an agreement this will make the Palestinian Authority into a terrorist organization , Israelis and Palestinians to reach a peace agreement was not possible, .

Middle East analysts have pointed out that over the years , Israel has been the implementation of the Gaza siege and blockade , once Israel’s blockade of Gaza to increase the intensity , water and electricity, Gaza would fall into a serious humanitarian crisis.


leading to the owners

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

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According to the Yunnan Network reported on 23 December 7 December, the sky drizzle, cloud Funing County of Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan railway Guangxi section of a high-speed railway tunnel the rain still exit liquidation. This also means that more than a year ago to bring ten million of money, an ambitious high-speed rail built into the Fu Ning Fujian Pingtan people Zhou Qing (a pseudonym) in the tunnel works were suspended four months after the official chose to withdraw. The difference is that a year ago, and now he is left to the various disputes and usury-ridden.

with the tunnel, as the cloud Guangxi China Railway Tunnel Group Project Manager Department of the Yunnan railway under Division 11 construction teams have switched all the downtime. And the other one in Yunnan high-speed rail – Shanghai-Kunming passenger line in addition to the Yunnan section of the same tunnel as the wall slope control projects across the board is important, but there are also lay-off project. Clearly, the Ministry of Railways 200 billion yuan as the national emergency under subsection pepper spread, the Yunnan status of the two high-speed rail stoppage has not been substantially improved, the number of persons are involved in construction said they did not know whether the benefit of the tenders , and also for return to work when the mind free spectrum.

from the car to drive to the little populated cloud Gui

high-speed rail through Yunnan, Guangxi provinces, the state segment length of 434 km in Yunnan, Yunnan

Gui Yun Fu Ning high-speed rail segment constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group won the bid, the construction team had 11, more than 2,000 workers in the Sections of the tunnel construction work. December 7, the construction team, led by several staff members, after nearly an hour bumpy bear mountain, the reporter and his party reached the cloud Guangxi, Yunnan section of the railway division of the first bid of a construction site, this time from 8 month full suspension has been more than four months time.

7 am, involved the construction of the tunnel workers have gone home, Gui Yun Fu Ning Yunnan section of the railway within a high-speed railway tunnel next to the construction of temporary housing for dozens of empty construction site populated few, all the remaining sub-tunnel project is the construction team owner, is no longer difficult car to drive to the old scene, hear the roar of machinery, railings Tunnel Portal has long been sealed, and the tunnel adjacent to another the tunnel exit is a captive of the dozens of slaughtered chickens and the dog jumped seventy-eight.

Zhou Qing (a pseudonym) is the 11-owner of the construction team, from China famous eight years, this time he contracted Funing County within a high-speed rail tunnel.

To formally enter the tunnel until the end of construction. And this year, Liu Zhijun, the outbreak, coupled with the tightening of national macro-context, the Ministry of Railways this year’s financing has been severely affected, leading to the owners (refer to cloud Guangxi, Yunnan Railway Co., Ltd., the owner is responsible for railway tender, funded and acceptance of supervision, is a subordinate unit of Railway Bureau. Editor’s Note) funding is not in place early this year, the construction team in order to maintain the constantly fill huge amounts of money, the project can not be normal Dry denominated funds, and continuous investment to the construction team can not support, in addition 7.23 Yongwen railway incident in August 11 the construction team was forced to full suspension.

and Yunnan Province of another Shanghai-Kunming passenger high-speed rail line because the state railway artery. Shanghai-Kunming passenger line Yunnan section of the current work stoppage better than the cloud Gui railway in Yunnan Province. December 11, the reporter arrived at the domain wall in Fuyuan County Qujing slope tunnel. This is China in the construction of 350 kilometers per hour passenger rail lines first long tunnel, the tunnel all up to 14 kilometers, will be directly through a tunnel in Fuyuan County, Yunnan, Guizhou Panxian directly, because of its longer duration, difficulty of construction larger, and therefore become the focus of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail control projects, the successful construction of the Central Railway of five.

11 am, flat guide wall sloping tunnel (auxiliary hole) Square clean, orderly display of machinery, the workers in the wind tunnel to clear the square of construction machinery, an exhaust pipe from the hole, auxiliary hole straight down to less than rumbling roaring sound. The far wall has a slope of active mouth excavator also under construction.

of five Shanghai-Kunming Railway Passenger Yunnan section of the Project Management Team, a team of two tunnel segments Wan captain told reporters. The Shanghai-Kunming passenger line the owner limited liability company and the cloud of Yunnan Guangxi, Yunnan Railway Co., Ltd. is indeed a team of two brands.

Although the Shanghai-Kunming passenger line as a flagship project of the wall slope of the tunnel still under construction, but that does not mean the Yunnan section of optimism. Of five Shanghai-Kunming Railway Passenger Yunnan section of the project manager for the Department official told reporters that the construction of the Central Railway of five Yunnan section of a total of 40.258 kilometers, but with the exception of the slope outside wall has been fully shut down. The front wall sloping tunnel is not the same as 100% complete before the start, that is, reducing the construction schedule. Other companies within the construction of the Yunnan Province tenders in addition to other key control projects, many are in a suspended state.


extracted from the cell phone number and e-mail call .

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 20, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on Monday Apple HTC patent lawsuit verdict , found a HTC smart phones Apple patent infringement , ruled April 19, 2012 HTC officially from the date of export ban . This decision makes the HTC patents in this war have been thwarted .

In July this year , ITC judge the launch HTC Android smartphones infringing Apple patents. But in the final decision, reduced the number of infringing a patent , and patent and the use of information extraction and information related to , for example, extracted from the cell phone number and e-mail call .

In this regard, an Apple spokesman reiterated the company said in a statement made ​​earlier this regard , competitors should create their own technology , not to steal Apple ‘s technology .

However, HTC said in a statement that its ruling The statement also said the company will soon launch new mobile phone , bypassing the patent infringement limited impact on the company .


a detailed account of his .

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Beijing Yaohao policy implementation vehicle for almost a year , the Beijing Office of the small passenger car index -control management data , applicants from the initial 20 million to nearly 80 million people now , in the ballot from the initial ratio of 1: 10 about 1:40 into the present .

Gaosuibuyou Thailand a

Reporters unannounced visits found that Introduced , the reporter would like to know the name of investment intermediaries send him , trying to uncover the operation of various aspects of black chain mystery .

Send him to attend to bite , quickly took out a clip from the purse and a stack of documents.

There are two folders yard Da identity ,

Send him to say , as long as willing to pay, through his relationship , so that car brand .

The pile of stamped seal Hebei Yongqing civil court ruling and other documents , it is send him to the

The evening of December 8 , North to the bridge near a hot pot , a Jumping steam table before send him to a rock not to buy a car license plate number , but suffer from the customer , a detailed account of his .


walking north to south along the crosswalk Zhang Yunlian

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

LONDON Dec. 7 (Reuters): Xian 3 consecutive days from the muck car accident occurred causing deaths. Yesterday, the government informed of the accident 3 car accident from handling of muck, three drivers have been under criminal detention.

Yesterday, the government press conference on the safety briefing, Vice Mayor of money cited three incidents from the muck car accident and Treatment.

12 2 December, afternoon 18:14 Xu, Cao (male, 26 years old, Xi’an) driving heavy-duty dump truck No. Shaanxi AD9580 Ring Road from north to south along the road blocks to turn right to West Point when riding a bike in front of Xu (set after his daughter, 10 years old) knocked down, causing injury Xu, daughter died on the spot. December 3, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

12 月 4 日 上午 10 时 55 minutes, Peng Jianying (male, 33 years old, business Luo Danfeng people) Shaanxi ALA977 driving along the high number of light-duty dump truck traveling north to south two routing technology Road Cross turn left, walking north to south along the crosswalk Zhang Yunlian (female, 76 years old) knocked down to death. December 5, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

12 月 5 日 凌晨 0 时 45 minutes, Zhang Feng Bo (male, 28 years old, Xi’an) No. AF5589 driving Shaanxi Chang’an Plaza, heavy dump trucks along the road from south to north Holy Road together home district two sites near the door will be a pedestrian crossing the road west to east, left sign (male, 21 years old, Xi’an) knocked down to death. December 6, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

after the accident, the municipal government attaches great importance, leadership, district leadership and the traffic police were first at the scene, rescue personnel, evacuate people, maintain traffic order, and investigate the cause.

According to local police department statistics, in 2011 the first 10 months, 46 people die under the muck cars. With the traffic accident situation in November and so far, Xi’an

In addition, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment informed early morning of December 6, a grade of Shaanxi AC6752 malicious muck cars running red lights of the processing. This car brands Shaan AC6752 muck truck driver Zhang Shuai Chuang two consecutive red lights, traffic police have impounded the driver’s license, impose a cap on the drivers of economic sanctions, while working to recover this car muck truck record cards, shall never be another record, that this driver and car will always be clean muck out muck removal industry, which is also the city first imposed on the muck cars and drivers of such punishment case. Meanwhile, the muck cars owned enterprises Ring soil Fang Baojie Engineering Co., Ltd. Shaanxi extended for three days ordered to stop.

Xi’an government has introduced measures to manage the five

muck truck muck truck operating qualification examination and approval rights reverted Shangwang

yesterday, Xi’an Municipal Government for the muck cars issues held a press conference, at which Vice Mayor Qian cited on said bursts of 3 from the muck car accident incidents reflect renovation work in place, deep disgrace to the city people’s trust, a disgrace to be muck car accident injury to people and their families. Municipal government has worked out five measures of the municipal government has the determination and confidence to muck Vehicle good.

In recent years, the city adopted various measures to increase the muck cars rectification, muck truck overloaded coming to the fore, throw, fly-tips phenomenon has been significantly improved, but the muck cars speeding, running red lights, and other retrograde violations are still outstanding issues, no matter how much work is still constantly muck car accident. At yesterday’s press conference, Vice Mayor of money lead on, said, indicating that government is not ready, especially the spate of three traffic accidents, to people’s lives and property caused serious losses, reflecting the government regulation is not in place , a strong sense of responsibility, related departments, the means are not hard, more so on the management of vulnerability.

money quoted Ann said: sense of responsibility, increase the intensity of the comprehensive improvement of muck cars, firmly relying on the masses to take decisive measures to firmly and effectively stop the muck cars illegal activities. chaired a special meeting to develop five measures of governance muck cars. Recent mass media and the public regulation for the muck truck put a number of recommendations, such as the installation of speed limiter, blind to the removal of vehicles and other technical appraisal issues, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to immediately organize relevant departments and experts to study.

money quoted security that Xi’an is in great development and construction period of 8 Articles Nissan muck about, muck removal is a long-term task, the municipal government has the obligation and responsibility to this task, but also determination and confidence to manage it.


it is necessary to talk about every fried. Recently in the United States so-called At this time

Monday, December 12th, 2011

The alarm history ears still echo today every Chinese person should deeply understand that we are a maritime country, we have a huge land and ocean marine interests, we must build a powerful modern navy. From the Chinese Navy not in the interests of China’s maritime sovereignty and the issue of over-cautious and do nothing, let alone turn a blind eye, unknown, and will be with their own distinctive ideas and strength to ensure safe and secure national interests.

December 6, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao met at the Eleventh Congress of the Navy all the representatives stressed the need to accelerate the transformation of naval construction, expanding deepening military struggle, push forward the modernization of the Navy, to defend national security, safeguarding world peace and make greater contributions. Hu’s statement immediately triggered speculation in the foreign media, that this recent increase in China for the Asia-Pacific military deployments Obama’s response. U.S. State Department and Pentagon spokesman also busy with the old tune, asked China to enhance military transparency in order to

Chinese naval movements that affect people, frequently caused great concern at home and abroad, without the Chinese people in modern times on defense in the ocean behind the humiliation, the painful memory of being beaten, and vowed to work hard to build up a strong navy, after the national will and national commitment . Although China has a long coastline, but the modern navy, coastal, deep understanding of naval warfare, but it is once again suffering from the experience accumulated. In modern times by Western powers Until after the founding of New China, the Western powers to send a few ships, aircraft cannons several times on the occupation of China can only complete end, gone. The alarm history ears still echo today every Chinese person should deeply understand that we are a maritime country, we have a huge land and ocean marine interests, we must build a powerful modern navy.

Let us understand the history of the concept of transformation is necessary, the reality is urging the Chinese Navy must accelerate the pace of substantial transformation. Today’s world, economic globalization is irreversible, the second of China as the world economy, a large country exports the first to participate in the process of globalization and unprecedented degree of international exchanges, the boundaries of national interests has been extended to a broader space. The accompanying reality is that China has no ability to defend these interests, we have the strength to maintain normal relations with the world, there is no military to meet China’s global security needs, prevent and fight against those who disrupt our world of forces. Today, the reality of the situation of China’s development tells us that the Chinese Navy’s position is not lighter but more important, the task is not made simple but more complex to build a strong naval force of the importance and necessity, are unprecedented more prominent and urgent.

For example, a typical case is that, in recent years we have repeatedly faced with an emergency evacuation situation overseas, the Chinese Navy played an important role in this regard, but its out capacity and frequency, compared with the actual demand is not enough. As another example, in the fight against piracy, the Chinese Navy Gulf of Aden, the performance can be described as excellent, but people’s expectations and national interests, there is still some distance. From the

For any large country, the Navy building is necessary. China, as a permanent member of the UN as an important protagonist of the international community, naval forces must be matched with its international status, or difficult, said a responsible big country. Today’s China has accumulated a certain degree of material, scientific and technological strength, and strength with sufficient conditions, of course, the Navy should build that priority on the agenda. Can be said that the Chinese navy becoming stronger transformation, there is sufficient justification, is imperative. We do, in order to better safeguard their national interests, and not specifically against whom the United States and other countries do not have to worry about and allergies.

For China’s military development, the international community often appear irresponsible speculation and discredited, especially in the so-called transparency, it is necessary to talk about every fried. Recently in the United States so-called At this time, we stressed the need to accelerate the transformation of naval construction, expanding deepening military struggle, no doubt is a sufficiently clear declaration: Chinese navy can not be in the interests of China’s maritime sovereignty and the issue of over-cautious and do nothing, let alone turn a blind eye, unknown , and will be with their own distinctive ideas and strength to ensure safe and secure national interests. U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense 米歇尔弗卢努 tile in 7 at the 12th Sino-US defense consultations, said on military confrontation is not so easy to talk about courtesy, without strong backing of strength, is sitting pretty in the negotiation of the spine is not straight.

A strong navy, is the rise of China’s strategic forces is a necessary rejuvenating the Chinese nation the strength of our generations to pay a lot of effort and sweat, can not and should because of some opposition forces or interference on the halfway. To tell the truth, today the Chinese Navy to speed up the construction of the international environment transformation is not optimistic, but no matter how grim the situation facing, we must never waver, do not slack off, do not toss, in the intended direction and objectives of the firm go.


Russia and other countries shared or sold to those countries.

Friday, December 9th, 2011

U.S. government officials confirmed on December 6 in Iran found a UAV RQ-170 under the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency . CBS 7 website quoted American experts and officials as saying that UAVs are often used to perform the U.S. military and CIA covert surveillance and intelligence gathering , not self-destruct system assembly .

The report also said this Iran said the capture of the United States has not been any damage to the UAV . But the United States is more concerned that Iran may be harvested from UAVs things with China, Russia and other countries shared or sold to those countries.


the shape of each shape were spend

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

International Online Zhuangao: According to the British Francis has demonstrated the building blocks to build his results , some bright spots .

His works include image, and the film These large blocks are 12 feet high style , the shape of each shape were spend


On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Address the > Last September, a sensation caused by self-immolation due to demolitions, Jiangxi One year, sources said, because This message was recently confirmed the Organization Department of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi.

according to the local response, regardless of times back and the appointment is based on the needs of both the performance of the work and expertise, and in strict accordance with relevant regulations, to perform the relevant procedures.

these years, the administrative accountability system progresses, some officials to be accountable for negligence. In an open, transparent and fair under the premise of accountability of officials to be back on the old right of new jobs is an improvement.

But clearly, this process must be open and transparent, stand the test. It was noted that from the .

not blame the media are all reasonable and legitimate, but in turn, to enhance the persuasiveness of cadres back, digestion of the negative influence of public events, we must dispel all doubts from the public and win a favorable public opinion environment . This is the central requirement of administrative affairs to do today, On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability? Officials accountable for mistakes made during the period without a deep understanding … These are also to be a clear statement to the public, and thus gain more understanding and support.

Left the transparency, the lack of visibility in the organization, will provoke doubt, in terms of cadres, inevitably unclear. Unfortunately, many cadres of the back, often discovered by accident, the result is caused by the natural habit of doubt, the opposite of conjecture. We appointed the ordinary cadres have strict procedures for public notice, public events to be held accountable for those cadres, because of its high degree of social concern, should be back to meet the public’s right to know and supervise.

Central Committee has repeatedly stressed that the fundamental purpose of administrative accountability to strengthen the administrative supervision, improve the government executive power and credibility. Increasingly the norm in the administrative accountability of today, the quality of cadres back is directly related to the effectiveness and accountability of the executive mind. Address the Fan Zhengwei


inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Changchun Maid milk poisoning case recognized as placing dangerous substances

Changchun Maid milk poisoning incident, the provincial government , Changchun municipal government attaches great importance to the people ‘s lives and safety of a highly responsible attitude and immediately launched the emergency plan , to treat the patient , in-depth investigation cause of the incident , a comprehensive investigation , inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce, quality supervision , pharmaceutical , health and other departments to act quickly , the beverage with a large batch of carpet products, investigation , inspection . Up to now, into the province of the beverage market with the batch have all the shelves , sealed . Quality supervision , health and other relevant departments of the shelf storage products for testing , not detected pesticide ingredient . Meanwhile, Coca-Cola produced in Changchun other drinks market sampling , pesticide residues were not detected .

Reporters learned from the police department , through technical inspection and reconnaissance survey , the initial recognition , Public security departments at all levels attach great importance to the case . Ministry of Public Security sent seven experts to guide the detective work of our province , the provincial Public Security Bureau and head of the principal leaders of leaders personally took command of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Changchun City Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force , dispatched elite police force , to carry out diligent work. The case is further investigation.

According to the news from the health sector , 28 November, the current state of stable patients with poisoning is getting better, stable condition . Changchun City, and by monitoring medical institutions across the province , there was no such poisoning cases occur .