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drawing boards

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Ben Wang News : ( Ganliang Peng ) yesterday , is the eleventh National Legal Publicity Day . Gansu Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department , Provincial Department of Justice , the Provincial Office jointly administering the province of Lanzhou Municipal Publicity Department , City of Justice Bureau, the Municipal Office in administering the city of Lanzhou City东方红广场grand advisory activities. Legal Publicity Day of this year ‘s theme of a large number of promotional materials , drawing boards, to provide legal advice to the law for people to solve difficult , increase the masses of legal knowledge and legal advocacy work of awareness, and actively create a good social atmosphere.

day visit , including the leadership of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Politics and Law Committee secretary Luo Xiaohu , deputy director of Provincial People’s Congress next week and more , the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Hou Shenghua , the Provincial Higher People’s Court Dean Liang Mingyuan , the Provincial People ‘s Procuratorate Qiaohan Rong and so on. Provincial Committee , Provincial Politics and Law Committee secretary Luo Xiaohu published a report entitled provides guidance on the direction of studying the Constitution .

day there are many kinds of promotional materials , including legal assistance , laws and regulations . The various types of legal pamphlets aroused concern is the formation of a wave of looting read . To cope with the day of the campaign , the provincial government in the province within the context of a large number of lectures , and in various media, a large number of theoretical articles published , broadcast law broadcast, send a legal advocacy messages , and achieved impressive results.


Political and Legal Committee

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

At 17:30 on the 1st or so, Wuhan Xiongchu Guanshan school building next to the explosion in front of bank branches. According to the city Public Security Bureau, said the explosion caused by crossing two people were killed and 10 others injured. Hubei police have formed special classes, conduct case detection.

According to the city’s police department, after a preliminary investigation, the explosion stacked by the front of the unknown object caused the explosion is under investigation.

The injured have been distributed to several hospitals for treatment. Local district offices to send escorts.

Hubei Provincial Committee, Political and Legal Committee, the provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director and long Wuyong Wen Hou Zhen, deputy director of the warrior, Zhao Wuhan Public Security Bureau also went to the scene to fly direct. Public Security Bureau of Wuhan City, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau and the night-spot meeting held to listen to the detection report, in consultation with the case, to determine the detection direction.

CCB: no loss of funds

outlets yesterday, the official website of China Construction Bank published 5:30 pm or so, the bank is located in Wuhan Xiongchu the mountain all the way to branch off an explosion outside outlets. According to preliminary verification networks damaged facade to a certain extent, an employee is broken glass, minor abrasions, network bank security personnel, funds are not lost. The specific causes of the explosion and other situations, the local public security department under investigation. (Reporters Zhoumeng Rong Li Pengxiang)

secretary of Wuhan Municipal

cases detected as soon as possible after the incident, Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Ruan hair, Mayor Tang Liangzhi attaches great importance to this rapidly to instructions to rescue the wounded, as soon as possible detection of cases, earnestly carry out remedial work. Provincial Standing Committee of the Political and Legal Committee, Long Wu Yongwen Provincial Public Security Bureau, Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhao Fei first at the scene, command, deployment of Interpol, the special police, traffic police and other kinds of police quickly disposed of, and actively rescue the injured people, to carry out on-site investigation, detection work. Vice Mayor Ma Xuming went to the scene in time to carry out remedial work Hongshan District government, and to the hospital to visit and comfort the injured. Detailed

passers-by more than 2 dead 10 injured

12 月 1 日 下午 5 around 8:30, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Guan Shan School Xiongchu bank outlets in front of the building next to unknown object causing an explosion. People crossing has caused two deaths, 10 people were injured. Explosion which killed a young girl, about 20 years old. The wounded were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. After preliminary investigation, the explosion by the stacking of the unknown object in front of trigger. Investigation is continuing.

reporter has learned that Chinese medicine hospital in Hubei, four injured in hospital, a Guangxi Liuzhou, male, 45 years old; two Wuhan, both female, one 50-year-old, one 30 years old; a high school sophomore girls Guanshan, 17 years old.

People around 7:15 reporters arrived at the scene and saw three fire engines one after another left the scene there is a fire. There are 4 120 police and seven police cars parked at the scene. Guanshan leading supermarket in front of school Xiongchu Guanshan junctions were closed, all traffic diverted. Road on both sides packed with onlookers, heavily armed police in maintaining order. From across the road to see the bombing of the Construction Bank, the door was open, faintly visible inside the messy scene, near the sidewalk in front of the bank’s side of the road broken windshield of a parked black car.