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Russia believes that there is no need to explain to the United States .

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) Chinese , according to Reuters news report, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday , accusing the United States regarding Russia’s arms sales to Syria , Russia believes that there is no need to explain to the United States .

According to reports , long ago , a St. Petersburg, Russia, starting from the operation of the ship to Syria , was detained in Cyprus . At that time, a Cypriot official said the ship is loaded arms , but then the vessel was released arrived in Syria. The United States says Russia has expressed concern about the cargo of the ship .

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said Sunday the United States Rice said there is no arms embargo against Syria is a misfortune .


rescuers also found that five of the victims

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Italian cruise Concorde 17 search and rescue personnel in the implementation of controlled blasting the surface of the hull, to search for survivors. The day, rescuers also found that five of the victims, accident death toll rose to 11 stranded people. Concorde captain Francesco Tarantino Skye end of the day allowed the prison regime, subject to acceptance at home under house arrest. 17 passengers survived the beginning of the cruise operator Costa Cruises filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for property and moral damage.

Search and rescue personnel Union No. 17 in the hull surface of the implementation of the luxury cruise controlled blasting to help divers to enter a confined cabin cruise search for survivors.

According to Agence France-Presse said, the morning of 17 search and rescue team to perform three times a controlled demolition. Television footage showed the hull above the water surface burst leaving a hole less than two meters in diameter.

During this period, rescuers also found that five of the victims, including one female and four male, probably passengers, ages 50 to 60 years old, wearing a life jacket.

Italian Civil Defense Department confirmed death toll rose to 11. In addition, a previously

Italian Coast Guard official Marini admits the possibility of finding survivors is very small, and yet not give up hope. He said:

Marini has also confirmed to reporters, the cruise has not yet appeared signs of leakage, rescue workers have done a deal to prepare.

Italian Environment Minister Keli Ni 16 that night, for fear of leakage of fuel to carry cruise to the nearby national park, he will declare a state of emergency, but did not mention the premise of the introduction of this state and time. He said the limited salvage team on the 18th cruise out of fuel transfer program, transfer ship out within 10 days of the program.

home to accept house arrest

As a Concorde captain, was arrested after Skye Martino faces attempted murder charges. 17 court hearing when he denied saying to abandon the ship to escape, but argued that he’s a sinking ship to save a lot of people.

Skye Martino told the prosecution, the disaster occurred, he was at the helm, the ship tilted, he fell from the deck and fell into the sea, unable to swim back to the boat.

cruise control to guide the direction towards the coast, to save many lives,

Attorney Weiluxiao said Skye Martino have fled risk. After hearing the court decided to allow 17 Skye Martino prison, under house arrest at home to accept.

At this stage, the prosecution has yet to Valentino and his first mate 奇罗安布罗 Theo Skye filed formal charges.

Prosecution claims passengers survived

17 passengers survived the beginning of the cruise operator filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the latter property and mental anguish.

Italian Consumer Rights Protection Association 17, said director Lean Qi, adding more than 70 passengers sponsored by the Association for Costa Cruise Lines collective action.

Lean Qi said, collective action designed to win for each passenger at least € 10,000 compensation for the property, as well as frightened, lost holiday, experience the spirit of high-risk areas such as compensation.

In France, the French national passenger base and 塔蒂亚娜韦 Patricia Maxwell Frederick calorie Sanuo Wa-based lawyer, said the charges would be filed carrier charges include personnel, to endanger the lives of others, negligent homicide, does not provide safety information. Casanova said the two parties living in southeastern France, 100 passengers are planning to collect signatures.

to) self-help.

However, the Italian maritime law professor at the University of Bologna Zunaleili reminded of the passengers, this is not a biased in favor of the protection vessel operators.


chairman of China Development Bank to visit any president since.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Construction Bank ( 4.84,0.07,1.47 % ) today on the HKEx issued a proclamation declaring the bank board of directors and approved by the EGM have been the original central discipline inspection commission secretary Wang served as the chapter and executive director , chairman , Wang Zhang will be January 16 officially took office . Wang Zhang of China Banking Regulatory Commission has been approved qualifications .

On the same day , Agricultural Bank of China ( 2.69,0.04,1.51 %) also HKEx ‘s announcement that the bank board of directors and approved by the EGM have been the former president Jiang Chaoliang CDB as chairman and executive director of the bank , the CBRC has approved Jiang Chaoliang qualifications .

Wang Chairman of the SFC chapter will take over his post in the original construction , chairman Guo , Jiang Chaoliang new post will take over the former President of the Agricultural Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission chairman Xiang Junbo .

The evening of November 29 last year , the bank released the Board of Directors announced that the day the Board of Directors meeting held in the bank nominated by the Construction Bank Wang chapter executive director of the candidates for the motion ; on the same day , the bank’s board of directors also issued notice that the day held the ABC Board of Directors adopted the nomination of candidates for executive director of the Agricultural Bank Jiang Chaoliang to the motion .

Data, Wang Zhang has worked for many years in the bank , the bank served as assistant to Qingdao Branch , Office of the Deputy Director , deputy director of financial planning department , sales department general manager and other staff, grass-roots experience and credit management experience should be more abundant . In 1996 he was transferred to the central bank , she served as Deputy Secretary for audit oversight , internal audit , Chengdu Branch Secretary and the Central Bank , the central bank in 2003 to become party members , Discipline Committee, is currently ranked first deputy central bank .

Jiang Chaoliang transferred in 1996 from ABC Bank , in 2002, up from office assistant central bank governor to go to Hubei Vice Governor . In 2004 , Bank of foreign capital share reform a critical moment , to be appointed as chairman of Bank . And foreign capital played a key role. In 2008, Jiang Chaoliang business in the China Development Bank on the eve of reform , from any increase in pay , chairman of China Development Bank to visit any president since.


hereinafter referred to as week to accept applications for new domain name.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5 morning news, despite the industry’s critics and some law enforcement concerns, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (hereinafter referred to as week to accept applications for new domain name.

Many large enterprises have already registered as domain names are registered trademarks of facing the problem of infringement, and in order to avoid damage to the image, and some companies do not even need to buy at high prices to use the domain name. ICANN’s latest decision is to impose an additional concern.

Communications and information services in charge of the U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary Lawrence Frost Like Lin (Lawrence Strickling) on ​​Wednesday called on ICANN to take appropriate measures to reduce the pressure of business forced to register domain names. His letter to ICANN, said: >

ICANN said on Wednesday that the proposal will be assessed Stricklin. The agency chairman Steve Crocker (Steve Crocker) said in a statement:

ICANN’s new top-level domain is priced at $ 185,000, the agency will be accepted from January 12 to apply, but the specific use of time is not yet clear. Said a person close to ICANN, the agency will slow down the process.

But ICANN is not prepared to delay expansion plans for the new domain, this site hopes to attract more innovative, open to non-Latin characters. ICANN also promised to quickly withdraw the domain name registered trade mark infringement.

Stricklin also calls for ICANN to better determine site specific controller, so some sites being used for criminal activities, cooperate with law enforcement.

Advertising Association to lobby the U.S. director Dan Jiafei (Dan Jaffe) are worried that companies will be forced to spend millions of dollars in monitoring violations of intellectual property rights.

U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies) technical experts Jim Lewis (Jim Lewis), said the high $ 185,000 application fee would help to deter hostile cybersquatters.


the Iranian Rial to rise 21% within two days .

Monday, January 16th, 2012

According to the January 5 issue of The eyes of analysts in the United States , Iran

Iran warned last two days after another U.S. aircraft carrier will not return to the Persian Gulf , and announced that it is ready to formulate legislation that would require foreign warships must get permission to Iranian authorities through the Strait of Hormuz , because

CNN said the United States , Iran warned U.S. aircraft carrier will take action if you return to the Gulf , this seems to be begging the U.S. to launch military attacks.

Other analysts believe that Obama recently signed the bill to increase sanctions against Iran to force Iran to have a go . Agence France-Presse said Wednesday the new U.S. sanctions against Iran caused turmoil in currency markets , exchange rate fell , the Iranian central bank had to intervene from 2 , the Iranian Rial to rise 21% within two days .

U.S. In 1941 the U.S. oil embargo on Japan , or Japan or the decline of launching military action . Soon the pain to find that the United States , Japan would prefer to fight militarism also refused to change course . And then Japan is similar to Iran also has a long and proud history , who has great empire , and has a great sense of mission . It is also most likely to prefer to fight rather than wallow in decline.


It is predicted that China will independently develop aircraft carriers

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

This year is the 20th anniversary of South Korea and China established diplomatic relations. South Korea and China in the Cold War hostility. August 24, 1992, Korea established formal diplomatic relations since China surpassed the United States and Japan to become Korea’s largest trading nation.

2011, China surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy. With the rapid development of China’s economic and military expansion, as the new hegemonic power. It was predicted that by 2020 China will overtake the U.S. as the world’s GDP ranks first in the country.

Face the immediate recovery,

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage predicted that South Korea will depend heavily on the Chinese economy, but will not belong to China. But others predict that, with China leading the global political and economic, Korea will eventually enter China’s sphere of influence.

Armitage: South Korea but is not affiliated with China depends

Armitage last month near Washington office said in an interview:

He said: important role in South Korea is no longer ant Korea does not belong to China.

Armitage said:

Armitage A: The U.S. and China concluded that to maintain I think South Korea is the same. South Korea’s economic relations with China are inseparable.

Q: China worried about which side?

A: China’s military expansion in what way will be hard to predict. These concerns were dispelled in the former can not relax vigilance against China.

Q: It is predicted that China will soon surpass the United States, how do you think?

A: I do not think so. Although the United States can not continue to maintain an overwhelming advantage, but whether it is in the GDP, or military strength, China will catch up with the United States a long way to go. And China has many domestic problems to be solved, China will soon overtake the United States say some haste.

Q: How should contain the rise of China?

A: must contain, but South Korea and Japan in the political, economic to keep strong, China can not become a victim. United States will also play this role in Asia, but not in Korea and Japan is unlikely to help.

Q: In the future China and the ROK-US Alliance will not be shaken?

A: Frankly speaking, the Korea-US relations have been difficult times, but ultimately beneficial to both sides are moving in the direction of safety. I think the short term will not change in this direction.

Some experts: South Korea will enter the Chinese sphere of influence

Many view that as China’s rapid economic development and national flourishing, South Korea, it may ultimately into China’s sphere of influence.

U.S. Defense Policy Board member Robert Kaplan in 2010 proposed the can not get rid of Chinese influence in the country.

Kaplan believes that China’s influence will be extended to South Korea, the Russian Far East, Central Asia, the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia.

Harvard professor Niall Ferguson also wrote:

South Korea’s trade volume of China’s trade volume has exceeded the United States. Part of the United States to reduce the influence of China will be occupied. Immediately next to the United States and China, South Korea will face a selection dilemma of the United States or China.

Many scholars of international politics that, in the

University of Southern California Professor David Kang believes will occur in East Asia led by China, the new hierarchical order. He said that East Asian countries including South Korea over the past 30 years have been made to adapt to rapid economic development of China, China’s economic dependence on the greatly improved, resulting in the Chinese-led regional order is inevitable. South Korea will also be included within the order.

Experts believe that Japan is the only challenge to China’s state, but South Korea and Japan to fight against China is unlikely. Although South Korea because of historical reasons, had an aversion to China, but in the past occupation of Korea by force, and declared Dokdo (known as Takeshima in Japan – Note this newspaper) greater resentment of Japan’s sovereignty.

Experts predict that if a unified Korean peninsula, South Korea and China relations will become even closer. Kaplan pointed out that

Military sources: multi-mode seeking military cooperation with China

[South Korea,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, End of this century, China is difficult to surpass the U.S. in the military.

In fact, China in the past few years in the Navy, Air Force and space, the missile can be said that growth in the field of impressive. China also imported from Ukraine, It is predicted that China will independently develop aircraft carriers, and in 2015 the water.

But many people assess that the level of weapons from China, the scale of strategic weapons and defense costs, etc., China is difficult in the next 30 years to 50 years surpass the United States.

According to the British International Institute for Strategic Studies report released in late 2010, the standard to measure sea, that the total tonnage of naval ships (total displacement vessels), the U.S. Navy to 312.1014 million tons, ranking second to China and other Section 14 of the country's combined major. Chinese ships of the total tonnage of 68 tons.

Military experts say that if the United States to take China's national defense science and technology compared with the field of conventional arms off for 30 years, 20 years behind nuclear weapons, in space 10 to 15 years behind.

Korea Institute for Defense specialist researcher Li Changheng defense (sound) said: >

The face of growing Chinese military power, South Korean military authorities are taking great pains to study the multi-angle response strategies.

In response, China will deploy aircraft carrier combat situation, South Korea is developing in the event of war attack aircraft carriers, supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, and consider the construction of small submarines. Because the Korean West Sea (Yellow Sea - Note this newspaper) shallow water, the need is not so noticeable a small submarine.

South Korean troops from the mid-1990s started to Aegis destroyers, early warning aircraft and other sophisticated weapons combat, do not actually because of North Korea, but in response to a unified future from China or Japan and other aspects of military threat.

However, a South Korean military official said:

Should develop a new level of security strategy, on the one hand to the ROK-US alliance, based on the one hand for a variety of models with the Chinese military cooperation.


and China have different general importance

Friday, January 13th, 2012

According to the January 6 issue of United States, a war to win more than enough time , then gathered strength for the second war .

About America’s future adversaries , the U.S. officials and some media have highlighted China . Bloomberg News quoted unidentified government sources as saying the United States should have the ability to curb any possible anti- intervention capability , as China is developing diesel attack submarines as well as China and Iran ‘s anti-ship ICBM deployment , and, if necessary time to beat them.

Adjust the Asia-Pacific region in recent years stepped up U.S. military deployment against China’s intentions more obvious . School of International Relations, Renmin University of China Professor Jin 5 of the China the United States will feel nervous . For the United States , and China have different general importance , Iran is a strong urgency , the United States reduced the natural target for China and Iran , this change is very detrimental to China


Gaddafi left behind by the anti-aircraft missiles to meddle .

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua U.S. Cable News International (CNN) reported on 30 December last year ,

CNN quoted an official as saying Western countries , recruitment of staff , including a This person was suspected of terrorist activities in the UK by the arrest , by the Many countries of the intelligence agencies are tracking his

Another suspect held a European country and the Libyan passport , was arrested on his way to Libya .

Agence France-Presse reported , some of the documents found in Iraq ,

Libby Yamuemai Erkazhafei after the fall of the regime , some Western countries warned that extremist militants tried to use the unstable situation in Libya , Gaddafi left behind by the anti-aircraft missiles to meddle .


Jilin Province Jiaohe City

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Xinhua Changchun January 6 news ( reporter Zhou rights) Reporters learned from the Public Security Bureau Dunhua City , Jilin Province , Jilin Province Jiaohe City, a man in order to test the lethal homemade guns , trying to shift the shooting of innocent pedestrians Dang Bazi . Dunhua police investigation lasted several days , eventually arrested the suspect Jiabao Dong .

December 16, 2011 8 pm, Dunhua City Public Security Bureau received a public warning , said : Dunhua City, democratic three district hospital was built , a woman lying on the ground , head trauma, life and death is unknown . Alarm, the police rushed to the site . The understanding and investigation , the deceased 40 -year-old Wang , Department of the individual waiters , confirm the victim being hit in the head gun deaths of others .

After the incident, police mobilize the whole Dunhua City Public Security Bureau , the city’s total of 600 taxi drivers investigations, more than 20,000 people visited the household , the relationship of people to visit more than 2,000 people , collect clues to more than 500 articles , 60 review of suspicious people. Learned by a large number of visits , the victim of social relations simply ruled out the possibility of passion and murder . The multi- row , the police will be targeting the Jiaohe City, a man named Jiabao Dong .

January 1 this year, 29 am, in cooperation with the police Jiaohe , Dunhua City Public Security Bureau deputy director John Lang led the investigators to enter into a Jiabao Dong ‘s house, and hide under the bed of Jiabao Dong arrested and found in their homes three homemade guns , imitation guns one caliber gun bullets 6 , ball 370 and the clothing worn when committing the crime .

Under questioning, Jiabao Dong confessed illicit manufacturing of firearms and shooting Wang ‘s crimes. Day of the incident , he was carrying a gun modified with a nail gun , take the train to Dunhua city looking targets , test the lethality of firearms . When he found the victim to walk home , they use guns to kill self after the escape .

At present , the suspect Jiabao Dong has been under criminal detention , the case is under further investigation .


causing 30 deaths. Several hours later

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

China news agency, Beijing, January 6 – Iraq’s Shiite enclave and more explosions caused 6 deaths has risen to 78 people, while hundreds were injured. Does not rule out the possibility of the death toll to rise further. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Shen niche held an emergency meeting, strongly condemned the bombing attacks against civilians, trying to defuse the political reconciliation of approaches escalating sectarian conflict.

Associated Press quoted an unnamed Iraqi official as saying the number of casualties caused by the explosion may be more than 100 people. According to reports, the location of the explosion are Shiite gathering area. 5 morning, the Iraqi capital Baghdad and the surrounding area exploded, causing 30 deaths. Several hours later, the Shiite shrine in Karbala suicide bombing attack, resulting in 48 deaths.

There is no organization or individual that the explosion of the charge of 5.

According to Iraqi Alsumaria television reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Sunni parliamentary evening of 5 spokesman 奥萨玛努贾 ephah meeting, the second per capita for explosion occurred was condemned, and agreed to negotiate to resolve the current crisis.

UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Blair 5 Ma Dingke also issued a statement condemning the incident of bomb attacks.

The Associated Press reported that since the U.S. withdrawal, Iraq’s Shiite and Sunni conflict escalating, government factions contradictions become increasingly prominent. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Shiite-led government dominated. Many Sunni militant groups dissatisfied with the current political landscape, creating more than a series of bombing attacks.

On 22 December last year, just a few days before the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the capital of Baghdad in recent years with the largest Shiite Muslims for bombings, killing nearly 70 people were killed. Sunni militant groups with links to the

He believes that the sectarian conflict in Iraq’s future long-term possibility of growing.

Davutoglu over Turkey’s Foreign interview earlier this week when he warned of serious sectarian violence inside Iraq, if once they have crossed national boundaries, the Middle East may be the formation of (