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BMW plans to launch 09 new car leaking

Monday, January 12th, 2009
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From BMW Group said its own internal list of the hands of those who have the whole group in the year 2009 will for the first time all the available products, as well as a list of concept cars. According to the list of view, a full year in 2009 will be BMW fans of the festival: First published in January will be redesigned coupe version of the BMW Z4. The car will be in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit appear above. By March Geneva Motor Show, BMW is likely to launch the form of concept cars based on the 5 Series models developed by PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan or called the V series, a combination of the BMW 5 Series and X6 cars). Of course, the Geneva brought us should have the BMW Z4 Individual, long-awaited EX102 or the Rolls-Royce RR4 concept car called the Rolls-Royce, while BMW’s eDrive version (BMW 1 Series and 3 Series electric version) should be will show up.

eDrive equipment should be those who use power-driven vehicles. This version is not the 1 Series or 3 Series that simple. In addition the name of a product i should also show in Geneva to flex its muscles. Next time we will go to China’s Shanghai, the BMW CS concept car is the first time in 2008 coming out of here. Well, here we will see 760i / iL, 7 Series Hybrid xDrive so.

After the Shanghai auto show, there will be a period of time to let the market and consumers blank digestion of these new cars. BMW MINI Crossover to the later in 2009 appeared in front of us, it is estimated that the time of its appearance, PAS production version will also appear in front of us had. The mass production version of X1 and X6 hybrid version will be hatched in 2009. For those enthusiastic supporters of the BMW brand is concerned, X5, X6 and 7 series of high-performance M version X5M, X6M and M7 will appear in this year you will be seeing inside.

In addition, the auto show in Frankfurt, there are likely to display a small sports car eDrive version Vision-Z, which is BMW “future car R & D project” part. The car used is a traditional roadster sports car design, than the Z8′s size smaller, can be used hybrid or electric drives. Z Series BMW Visio represent the future direction of sports cars, but also represents the Mazda MX-5 from a strong competitor to the general outlook of Z2.

In any case, for BMW enthusiasts, the 2009 will be a very busy year.

Negative growth in the shadow of strong global automobile market to seek “change”

Monday, December 29th, 2008
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71 years first announced. Toyota Motor at the end of this notice, so that Toyota’s joint venture in China of several high-level had to cancel a planned Christmas holidays.
The world’s largest automotive company Toyota’s performance has become the vane of the global automotive industry. Toyota has experienced World War II, experienced the Plaza Accord in 1985, reached the blocking layers of the North American luxury car market.
A long time, Toyota how the story of hardship, not only inspired the automobile sector, but also the world’s best-selling book writer the notes.
Toyota, the status quo to prove that the financial crisis spread to the real economy much faster than we anticipated.
Experienced from 2003 to 2008 cars for six years after the blowout of the good old days, this generation of vehicles, and has also experienced a lifetime the most far-reaching crisis.
December 12 is Japan’s “Chinese Day”, the Japanese Association of Chinese Proficiency Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, in accordance with the practice to reflect this year announced the state of the World Chinese characters, the result of “change” was elected as the annual Chinese characters.
“Change” but also throughout the world of motor vehicles in 2008. This year, the domestic automobile market experienced dramatic ups and downs. Despite the early snow disaster, but car sales are still more than 25% increase in the first quarter of a perfect end. At the same time, this wonderful data blinded to the majority of talents, in total disregard of the overseas crisis is approaching this fact; the second quarter, the rate of increase has slowed down.
Of course, there is one other reason: Wenchuan earthquake. But statistics show that the automobile market in Sichuan in May suffered only short-term blow to mid-June in Chengdu of car sales to reach its highest point ever.
The third quarter, the weak automobile market has been attributed to all the people involved in the Olympic Games because of an upsurge, in fact, at this time, the global auto market is slowing down.
In June, the U.S. auto market fell 17.6 percent, in July the European market also declined 2.4 percent pace of adjustment, the Japanese market at the end of this month, appears rare sales dropped 10 percent.
In September, Lehman Brothers bankruptcy as a financial crisis to the global spread of a starting point, in October in Detroit, “three” GM, Ford, Chrysler insolvency crisis would mean the destruction of the automobile market fundamentals; by the end of December, Toyota Motor rare, the end of the global automotive over the past 50 years the situation continued to grow.
Just prior to October, China’s automobile market is also looking at the mentality of a curious vertical decline in the U.S. automobile market, but, when the Paris auto show in October auto CEO who have issued “Declaration sadness,” the general trend of the domestic have begun to feel anything but reassuring.
In September, the Chinese automobile market emerged in the past 30 years the first year-on-year decline. November, automobile market than the same period last year and the ring more than 10% of the substantial decline in the warmer October proved short-lived.
After October, has been shouting “emerging markets can be immune,” the experts and scholars disappear from the Chamber, the Russian market of passenger cars in November than the decline in production in Central 23.4% year-on-year 7.2 percent decline. Brazilian market have also experienced an 26.3 percent decline. India Automobile Manufacturers Association Chairman Dilip Chenoy said that India’s history had not occurred as 10,11 this year on the automotive market is depressed, car sales in October fell 6.6 percent year-on-year. Even worse in November, passenger car sales fell 19.4 percent year-on-year. Commercial vehicles such as trucks and bus sales shrunk nearly half of the same period last year.
After December, has always been like this the end of the month in which boasted “a grand marketing plan in 2009″ wait patiently for the vendors saying good-bye to the final production line in a line of vehicles, quietly began to convene all inventory stocks.
From cautious optimism to pessimism
Optimistic? Cautiously optimistic? Cautious or pessimistic?
This is not a common choice, but the Chinese car dealer in a large number of views and in front of a judge must choose. This seemingly is not very different from the answer choices could lead to a year later, China’s major car dealers completely different results.
Automobile market decline? This is certainly not the worst of times, as long as the normal attitude to look at the callback automobile market. Chinese car dealers have become accustomed to the 6-year sustained growth of around 20 percent, but carefully, in fact, more than 20% of consecutive years of sustained growth, the event itself can not demand expectations.
Lin Yifu, chief economist at the World Bank believes that our country in this year’s GDP growth is expected to reach 7.4 percent, North America and Japan’s economic growth rate is estimated at between 0 ~ -1%, and these countries, our country’s GDP growth could reach 7 % has been commendable.
In 2008 the successful Dongfeng Honda Executive Vice President Liu and said: “The reform and opening up more than 30 years, no one-year GDP growth is negative growth in the automotive market. And the car has been greater than the increase in GDP growth.”
In these judgments, there is a basic principle is that growth and GDP growth in automobile market relevance, because a long time, the Chinese automobile market and the increase in the proportion of GDP has been around 2:1, because next year based on GDP “Paul 8″ of the the possibility that the automobile market 5% ~ 10% growth will still be expected.
However, this still is an experience-based judge, because in the automobile market blowout 6 years of development, such laws exist. But it is worth noting that, from the beginning of 2009, China’s automobile market has begun to turn downward, so there is a recession may be in a market, for the experience of peace and prosperity can not be used to drop in the size of the market summary, you can make a significant question mark.
We are accustomed to the experience and history in the face of compromise, but even so, more car companies, “a cat in winter.” Until now, the most pessimistic estimate is December 15, president of Volkswagen Global text predicted the global automobile market in 2009 fell 20 percent judgments. Jianghuai Automobile domestic passenger Dynasty Yun, general manager of the domestic automobile market seems to judge also pessimistic than some of the text.
Because the demand for the rapid decline in global auto giants have started to reduce production capacity to implement austerity strategy. In the past two weeks, the sales dropped by the impact of General Motors, Toyota Motor and Honda Motor has announced a substantial reduction measures. Volkswagen also announced a large-scale production capacity reduction plan.
Change and the future
Toyota Motor rare loss for the first time 71 years, mean that the complete deterioration of the global automobile market?
The world’s first automobile giants downlink and Detroit, “three” is facing the threat of bankruptcy would mean that the automobile industry a more deep-seated changes just around the corner, led by the government and support for new energy vehicles and global automotive industry a thorough and far-reaching also the coming reorganization.
Toyota Motor president Katsuaki Watanabe said: “The world economy was beset by unrest in rare, this is an unprecedented critical moment. Unfortunately, now I can not see at the bottom of where our case an emergency of unprecedented scale.”
And because the great relevance of the automotive industry and related industries to promote, and the global automotive group into recession, will force more change is imminent. Iron and steel industry, the automotive aftermarket industry, chain gas stations, auto insurance industry and related industries … … behind the industrial workers are the most direct and employment, but they are a very large groups, their fate will be with the industry’s turmoil change, this is the current attention to attract the highest level of the core of the automotive industry.
Including the United States President-elect Barack Obama, including many leaders have made it clear that the storm will be wandering the automotive industry to implement relief, but at the same time, both German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President-elect oba Ma and other leading countries in the global automotive leader in the automotive industry have expressed will of the environmental protection and technological revolution to implement a major influence, given the current already very fragile and deteriorating environmental factors, including under the Government to promote restructuring, technological revolution and the consumer revolution has been brewing.
Premier Wen Jiabao last week to inspect Changan Automotive Group, said that three new initiatives to save the market: First, expand the rural market; Second, hope the Government will support the development of small displacement, low-power car; The third is to strengthen the independent innovation, develop new products and new varieties. In addition, the Prime Minister also added a: mergers and acquisitions is to expand the scale and accelerate the pace of reform. The highest level of order, to save the market has already begun vigorous. Our cars will start the revolution ignited, including central and local governments are making some of the policies.
After the winter after the automobile market and eliminate the competitiveness of the lower part of blindly expanding production capacity and extravagance and waste of brands and manufacturers, this is a very natural process of survival of the fittest.
6 years blowout left a pile of automobile market, some automotive companies wantonly enclosure 6 years and the expansion of production capacity, Geely Automobile claims there are 10 bases, planning capacity almost two million; Chery Automobile production plant in Wuhu is serious overcapacity. Changfeng Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile sales plans from the production capacity for several large part of poor.
In this sense, China’s auto industry needs such a cold, and promote industrial upgrading to first in the technology and manufacturing at close to even catch up with international automobile development. Therefore, the government can rescue the market through policy guidance, issued a number of automobile consumption in favor of incentive measures to encourage the Chinese market to better meet the environmental, economic model of the universal effort. At the same time, increase the industry’s restructuring, led by local governments to reduce redundant construction industry, save social resources.

U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan failed Inspiration

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

U.S. Eastern Time on the evening of 11, after Detroit and three executives, union officials and representatives of a heated debate, the United States Senate to vote against the U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan. The result was 52 votes in favor and 35 votes against it. It is stipulated that aid bill passed at least 60 votes in favor. Earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives by 237 votes in favor and 170 votes against the adoption of 14,000,000,000 U.S. dollars of aid programs in the automotive industry.

Senate end, the two parties failed to reach agreement on the issue of the Republican Party is requested to join the United Auto Workers union to accept a pay cut next year’s request, the Republican Party workers will be required to pay down foreign Toyota car prices, wage levels, but the workers refused.

GM said in a statement after the results “deeply disappointing.” GM said the Congress had before Dec. 40 billion U.S. dollars in financial support, otherwise the company will not be able to maintain operations. White House spokesman Fratto (Tony Fratto) of the Senate also expressed disappointment at the outcome of the vote and will consider the feasibility of other assistance programs.

“Everything is over,” Senate Democratic Leader Reid (Harry Reid) said that, he said that the car industry assistance scheme in January next year will not restart.

Analysis】 【Comments

1, the U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan appears to be shown is a political struggle. Republicans, the Democratic Party, Senators, Obama, the taxpayers of this incident become a high-frequency words. Parliament held in the Senate before the Republican Party to convince the original draw support for the rescue of the Democrats to block legislation is particularly visible. Senate and Assembly on the interests of all parties on behalf of the intensity of the debate in the United States Congress has few precedents in history. “Democracy” as meaning the government on the multinational rescue incident on the front page of newspapers and magazines a lot of extra points.

2, compared to the success of the plan to rescue Wall Street “delivery”, the U.S. government to save the auto market reflected on the issue of “Choice” enough to show the U.S. automotive industry Shen Ke criticism. The problem is wages led to the rescue plan last burst of direct cause of the three major car prices also contributed to the relative competitiveness of one of the root causes of the disadvantaged. Is the beginning of the last century the United States Motor Co. manager of the automobile industry blindly optimistic about the prospects for development, or trade union system has become a stumbling block to impede the industry change? Government efficiency in the evaluation of the efficiency of enterprises in which the distinction, this incident indicates the current Government and the business relationship between the evolution of what? Retrospective of the three major car prices today are caught in the dilemma, we have too many things worth rethinking.

3, visit the countries in the world this year, the Government plans to help the automotive industry found that quite a number of countries to take measures to stimulate domestic consumption and production, at the same time also increased the import tariffs on motor vehicles and parts, and between the countries on the abolition of the tariff free trade agreement. Experts have warned that the economic crisis in the region could lead to trade protectionism, the Chinese government and enterprises should be more alert to deal with cars. But at the same time, we have to believe, to create internationally competitive products business is a magic weapon in an invincible position. 化妝課程

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Five conflict make the 2008 automobile market ups and downs

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

2008 is drawing to a close this year “conflict” constantly, so that the auto market ups and downs, it is difficult to forget.

PK output cut

In the second half of this year, many companies lowered their sales targets, at the same time, some enterprises in capacity strongly in the second, third factory (shop), construction is proceeding in an orderly manner … … the market today, the fast-changing, not increase, In the future may lose development opportunities; production, will face selling pressure.

The article said that there are: sales next year plans to allow manufacturers indecisive. Personal: changes in the background, after the sales goal, simply to the time period from one year turned into six months, or even a quarter.

PK original Chinese elements

In 2008, almost all of the new joint venture, the emphasis on international standards, into all the elements in China, is typical of the new Bora model, showing the foreign into the strong desire of the Chinese community. Consumers, for their own “tailor-made” products, but also things the United States. Chinese elements with the original combination of seemingly contradictory, in fact, is the internationalization of Chinese products, product localization of an international performance.

PK price cuts

This year, the first of raw materials, oil prices, increasing cost pressures, some automobile enterprises called for price increases, not to mention the price of imported cars, 000

Other models is really a disguised form of price increases. In the second half, the situation changed steep, with the raw materials, oil prices, along with one special event: the first quarter of snowstorms, earthquakes in the second quarter, the market fell in the third quarter and fourth quarter the impact of the crisis … … the voice of prices disappeared, along with Came another wave of price-cutting wave.

Of the price trend next year, it seems now that it is still a difficult mystery, on the one hand, the impact of the crisis still exists, the prices of raw materials, vehicle prices are falling trend; on the other hand, the same action to reduce the corporate sales objectives, to ease The over-supply of conflicts on the macro-stability in the price

Georgia. Conflict, in fact, the mainstream enterprise, and take drastic measures to enter the market, it is an opportunity, however, the market “balance” will be broken again, there will be a new round of reshuffle.

“Small Love” PK “great greed”

A very interesting phenomenon, in 2008, the popularity of car products, Book Blair, the new Fit hatchback, sedan … 207 … this month, as well as upcoming Rui-jing, a large number of products out car. This is shown by the manufacturers of compact car look forward to, regardless of safety or comfort, these products

Absolutely remarkable. With the implementation of fuel tax, it changes the concept of quality … … car, it will come to deserve.

And “Love Small” Correspondingly, the auto market there have been “great greed”, this year, or the replacement of generations level cars, almost all of widening and lengthening, at the same time, configuration, technology also A comprehensive upgrade, said: more like a high-level car you car. This “big corruption” to meet the high demand for car users, the market is doing so well. And in the previous generation product, a new generation of larger changes in the strict sense, has become a new product, so there two generations, three generations under one roof.

PK fell warmer

2008 auto market, in the first quarter of the growth in the second quarter, despite the impact of the earthquake disaster, or growth in the third quarter and fourth quarter, is

Down, down again, the nine silver ten did not see see gold silver.

There are two projections, one is: have to low, the time has come to warm, which is looking forward to the enterprise; another voice: the crisis has just begun and will continue to decline. Perhaps, in January of this year, in February the growth of high-speed situation, our expectations too high; in the second half of the decline all the way down, we expected and some low.

Chang Yanyue: a chaotic city of heroes, next year, the brave, strong, wise, is a golden opportunity.