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U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan failed Inspiration

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

U.S. Eastern Time on the evening of 11, after Detroit and three executives, union officials and representatives of a heated debate, the United States Senate to vote against the U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan. The result was 52 votes in favor and 35 votes against it. It is stipulated that aid bill passed at least 60 votes in favor. Earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives by 237 votes in favor and 170 votes against the adoption of 14,000,000,000 U.S. dollars of aid programs in the automotive industry.

Senate end, the two parties failed to reach agreement on the issue of the Republican Party is requested to join the United Auto Workers union to accept a pay cut next year’s request, the Republican Party workers will be required to pay down foreign Toyota car prices, wage levels, but the workers refused.

GM said in a statement after the results “deeply disappointing.” GM said the Congress had before Dec. 40 billion U.S. dollars in financial support, otherwise the company will not be able to maintain operations. White House spokesman Fratto (Tony Fratto) of the Senate also expressed disappointment at the outcome of the vote and will consider the feasibility of other assistance programs.

“Everything is over,” Senate Democratic Leader Reid (Harry Reid) said that, he said that the car industry assistance scheme in January next year will not restart.

Analysis】 【Comments

1, the U.S. auto industry’s rescue plan appears to be shown is a political struggle. Republicans, the Democratic Party, Senators, Obama, the taxpayers of this incident become a high-frequency words. Parliament held in the Senate before the Republican Party to convince the original draw support for the rescue of the Democrats to block legislation is particularly visible. Senate and Assembly on the interests of all parties on behalf of the intensity of the debate in the United States Congress has few precedents in history. “Democracy” as meaning the government on the multinational rescue incident on the front page of newspapers and magazines a lot of extra points.

2, compared to the success of the plan to rescue Wall Street “delivery”, the U.S. government to save the auto market reflected on the issue of “Choice” enough to show the U.S. automotive industry Shen Ke criticism. The problem is wages led to the rescue plan last burst of direct cause of the three major car prices also contributed to the relative competitiveness of one of the root causes of the disadvantaged. Is the beginning of the last century the United States Motor Co. manager of the automobile industry blindly optimistic about the prospects for development, or trade union system has become a stumbling block to impede the industry change? Government efficiency in the evaluation of the efficiency of enterprises in which the distinction, this incident indicates the current Government and the business relationship between the evolution of what? Retrospective of the three major car prices today are caught in the dilemma, we have too many things worth rethinking.

3, visit the countries in the world this year, the Government plans to help the automotive industry found that quite a number of countries to take measures to stimulate domestic consumption and production, at the same time also increased the import tariffs on motor vehicles and parts, and between the countries on the abolition of the tariff free trade agreement. Experts have warned that the economic crisis in the region could lead to trade protectionism, the Chinese government and enterprises should be more alert to deal with cars. But at the same time, we have to believe, to create internationally competitive products business is a magic weapon in an invincible position. 化妝課程

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